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Bhajis not Burgers for India.

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II: A. summary: The text: "Bhajis not Burgers for India" by Tara Patel from Delhi, is about the changing of the India food chain, and the way of carrying the agriculture. Protesters as the Karnataka Rajya Raitha Sangha demanded that the fast-food chain leave India, because they mean that it and other foreign food operation were threatening traditional agriculture by expanding the meat industry and forcing the methods and seed varieties on farmers. But it seems that the fast-food chains doesn't care, because soon other food companies like McDonalds opens new restaurants in New Delhi and Bombay. The reason why there is a big discuss to this, is because the fast-food chains like Kentucky Fried Chicken is not allow to serve beef in India, but instead they use other methods and in that way, they change the India traditions. ...read more.


But with the crowd of people from the areas to city the food supply have become one of the biggest problems. Between 60 and 90 % of peoples earnings are normally use for food - so all that can saved by being self severing are earned back. In china all cities are self serving with vegetables. To the customers the vegetables have the advantage that they are fresh. There can be pollution problems with the products if one haven't cleaned the wastewater that are used for watering enough. C. Essay: Burgers, Rice, Frikadeller, Potatoes? When a big food chain establish in a country they will have an effect on the farmers and the country, but in a positive or a negative direction? ...read more.


No matter where you go in the world, it is almost possible the find a McDonalds restaurant or a Coca-Cola machine. So it is a problem that they are so prominent on the food marked, because it is difficult for other restaurants to survive, and they are important for the country because they present the county's traditional food. The fast-food is also known as it tells from the word "fast". Fast-food is also known as junk food, if you take a look at the American people, you could see that many of them are being in the overweight class. So it has also an effect on people's condition and appearance. Fag: Engelsk B Aalborg Tekniske Skole Navn: Jonas Lundtoft Nielsen L�rer: Birgitte Larsen 2.x page 1 of 3 25-02-2003 ...read more.

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