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British Sugar Corporation.

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British Sugar Corporation British Sugar is the leading supplier of sugars to the UK providing more than half the country's sugar requirements. The remainder is met mostly by cane sugar imports from the African, Caribbean and Pacific sugar producing regions of the world. Approximately 7,000 farmers contract with British Sugar each year to provide around 9 million tonnes of raw material: sugar beet, which is grown on 140,000 hectares. The majority of the country's sugar beet production is concentrated in the eastern counties of England from Yorkshire down to Essex with a smaller area grown in the West Midlands. The free-draining well structured soils which are predominant in these regions are essential for successful sugar beet husbandry. British Sugar operates six factories which produce about 1.4 million tonnes of white sugar each year from beet. The processing season, known as the 'campaign', usually lasts from September until the end of February. Research by Reading University has shown that the British beet sugar industry supports around 20,000 jobs in the farming, processing and transport industries. ...read more.


Products and services British Sugar aims to be recognised by the food and drink industries as the preferred supplier of sugar. Key to this is the provision of products and services that are second to none British Sugar offers a range of sugars for a variety of product applications in the confectionery, bakery, drinks, dairy, grocery and pharmaceutical markets. Collaboration with customers on product development capitalises on joint strengths, producing products to the mutual commercial benefit of both parties Recent industry leading developments include: Celebration Icing Sugar Celebration Icing Sugar is one of the most finely milled icing sugar ranges on the market. The average particle size of 11 microns, half that of other milled sugars, has been developed to meet the needs of large plant bakeries, small craft bakers and confectioners. Celebration Icing sugars are easy to use and bring process and quality improvements to the final product. Organic Beet Sugar The first UK-grown organic beet sugar is already being distributed to key customers who, for the first time ever, can use home grown sugar in their organic food and drink products. ...read more.


Sugar & Health Background Facts Recent scientific evidence has demonstrated that sugar has an important part to play in a healthy balanced diet. Did you know that ..... Studies show that the people who eat most sugar in the UK tend to be the thinnest (because they do not eat much fat). When people reduce their sugar consumption they tend to increase their fat consumption (sugar/fat see-saw). Sugar makes you feel full (like other carbohydrates such as potatoes and pasta) - fat and artificial sweeteners do not make you feel full. Fat has more than twice as many calories as sugar. Fat is easily stored as fat. The body finds it much harder to convert sugar to fat. Dental health has dramatically improved in the UK over the last 20 years: * 5 year olds have 52% less tooth decay. * 12 year olds have 75% less tooth decay. * 50% of 5 year olds in 1994 have never had a filling vs 7% in 1974. Sugar consumption has stayed constant. The improvement is due to the introduction of fluoride toothpaste. 80% of caries is in 20% of the population. 10% of the population do not own a toothbrush. ...read more.

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