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Burger - creative writing.

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Seeing a burger lying in front of me makes my mouth water. I see the scrumptious half-pounder chicken burger with lettuce, onion and the best of all the burger sauce, which tastes great with anything. It is lying in the ordinary brown paper which becomes see through because of all the grease which drips from the burger because it is deep fried and the oil soaks in to the burger. This gives the burger extra taste and a unique flavouring which can never be matched. The older the oil which a burger is deep fried in the more flavouring and a greasy smell you get from the burger. This beautiful burger cannot be resisted. Within a second I would snatch the burger and hurl it in to my mouth, taking the biggest bite possible. ...read more.


This is due to the different parts of the burger mixing together to form a mixture, which consists of the meat that is known as something carnivores thrive for like me. Than to induce the flavour, a touch of salad and burger sauce is added in which increases the flavour of the burger to my high-expected taste buds. As all the flavour has been admired it comes time for the food to go down the oesophagus. The food usually goes down when it has all been mashed up. But for me, it is when all the flavour has been extracted. Although the problem is that pieces of food are sometimes too big. So this causes sometimes food to get trapped in my trachea. ...read more.


But no one seems to help me, as they are all to intrigued with seeing me in pain. Than one good Samaritan comes out of the vast crowd and gives me the Heimlich manoeuvre. This causes the trapped food to come rushing up the oesophagus and comes flying out of the mouth, just the way when a Concorde would take of from ground. Suddenly the pain is gone and it feels you have been close to a near death encounter. But you feel joyful and grateful to the person who helped you so that you were still living on the earth. Within a second from choking I catch the rest of the burger from the corner of the eye. The brain does one thing, send an impulse to your body to pick up the burger and go through the whole phase one more time. By Vishal Patel ...read more.

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