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Business plan for a new service.

Extracts from this document...


Abbas Shah and Gohar Zaman. Business Planning Assignment May 2002 Business plan for a new service. I have been asked to produce a business plan for a new product or service of my choice. Therefore, I have chosen to do it on a new Tandoori Takeaway, which will be open to provide a service to the community in the Bordesley Green area of Birmingham. In my business plan for the takeaway I need to include a market analysis and plan; a production and quality assurance plan; a financial plan and an evaluation of all the components of my business plan. The local 'taste' on the part of the Pakistani, Indian and white community in the Small Heath vicinity for good Asian food is well established. However, there are a small number of outlets in the Bordesley Green area that offer 'Indian' recipes. Every time you go in Bordesley Green there is an influx of Kebab houses whose primary objective is to sell fast food. Which is where my business comes in to offer an alternative, to offer a true taste of Indian recipe and compete with these junk food outlets that are destroying the heritage off true Indian recipe. The policy at my Indian takeaway, which I have named 'Tandoori Junction', is to specialise in unique Indian meals prepared with the original Indian texture and aroma to make it special. My takeaway will include slightly new ranges of products not locally available elsewhere. The financial forecasts have been prepared and have been included in the business plan, to cover the next 12 trading months and external funding assistance will be required to purchase necessary equipment to open the Indian takeaway. Market analysis and Market plan Primary Research (competitor analysis) To find out what people think about Indian Takeaway I am doing primary research on an established takeaway in the Sparkbrook area of Birmingham called 'Tandoori Plaice'. ...read more.


Competitors There is the 'Tandoori Plaice' takeaway, which I have closely looked at in the early part of this assignment. There is also an Chinese restaurant, which is also on Coventry road. Major players such as McDonalds, Little Chef and Burger King will not affect my takeaway as they already have loyal customers who are hard to steal from these major organisations. Therefore, my takeaway will be in fierce competition with Donor Kebab outlets or Kebab houses, as they like to call them, which are scattered, all around Small Heath and Sparkbrook like moths attracted to light! Marketing Mix of the takeaway * Product - Quality, Presentation, unique flavoured food. * Price - Prices that are cheaper than my competitors. * Promotion - Distribution of menu, advertising on the menu, viral marketing, 2 for one. Offers or buy discounted dishes before a certain time limit daily. * Place - On a main road; Coventry road in Small Heath, 5 minutes drive from the * Birmingham city centre. Distribution strategy Customers can come to collect their meals or meals can be delivered to them provided that the meal costs over �8. However, delivering the meals in a takeaway is not good because it can cause all sorts of problems like delivery vehicle costs and not enough staff for deliveries. Pricing strategy The data on prices in the primary research needs to be used as a benchmark for prices. As a short-term pricing strategy just to enter the market, I will use is 'Promotional pricing' this means that I will charge special low prices for a short period of time this price I feel it would attract more customers and it certainly get my business off the ground in the growth phase. S.W.O.T ANALYSIS STRENGTHS: Tandoori Junction will be located on a main road in Small Heath. The Population around the area is about 5000 approximately and is principally close to the city centre. There is less competition because there are only 2 takeaways close by. ...read more.


All food outlets will have a problem at one time or another to do with food, e.g. lack of flavour, different product packed into the bag, which was not ordered by the customer. Our policy would be that if there were any minor problems with the food we would either return the dishes stated or give them a refund. The only major problem we can see with the food would be food poisoning and this will involve a complaint, to avoid this, we will be very hygienic to not prevent this happening anyway. If this happens we will offer the customer a full refund or a free meal next time they come. Also we will have a full investigation into why this happened. Sales of Goods and Services Act 1982 - Requires that companies and trades people must use reasonable care and skill in providing services. Consumer Safety Act 1978 - Allows the government to introduce or update regulations concerning the safety of goods to reduce the risk of personal labelling, container, materials, parts etc and the way it operates meet the relevant safety regulations. Consumers for any damages connected with your product being defective can sue you. Food and Drink Acts - Concerns catering business as well food and drink producers. These cover food hygiene, food ingredients and the labelling of ingredients, artificial colorants and preservatives. Food Safety Act 1990 - Control of all aspects of food safety and hygiene throughout the food distribution chain, including locations where food is manufactured, prepared and sold. Environment Environmental protection act 1990 - has applicant for the way in which you produce good and services. It seems to prevent pollution of air, water and land from emissions resulting from the product process. It controls waste disposal methods, litter, odours, vibration, noise and other side effects of business that may damage the environment, create a public nuisance. Employing Labour Employment protection act 1978 - deals with the fundamental rights of your employees, including their right to receive written particulars of the terms of employment. 1 ...read more.

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