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But the proportions of these materials have changed. As you can see from Figure1, the 1994 Boeing 777 have increased the use of composites such as carbon fibres, graphite, epoxy resins etc. by 10 % in comparison to the 1969 Boeing 747.

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Aircrafts are complex machines that are designed to transport people or payloads for long distances at very high speeds. These complicated transports are manufactured from a variety of different materials based on their mechanical properties, density, strength and stiffness as they are the primary requirements for constructing an aircraft. The developments of aircraft have evolved dramatically since the Wright Flyer in 1903 which was the first manned powered flying machine. There are remarkable differences between the Wright Flyer which used wood, glue and canvas in comparison to the aluminium, steel, titanium, composites etc. used by the 1969 Boeing 747-400. The concepts of aircraft are similar, but the choices of materials used are the main physical alterations that could be observed. ...read more.


On the other hand, metals such as aluminium, has a higher density, less strength and stiffness. Another important selection parameter is the economical property of composite. Even though manufacturing composites could be reasonably expensive in comparison to metals, but for the long run, due to its low density, fuel could be diminished for each flight hence a much larger reduction in cost could be achieved. Thirdly the manufacturing property of composite is again expensive as well as difficult as they normally require tape or fabric form and then put in a mold under heat and pressure during production. Again metals such as aluminium can be easily manufactured with low cost which means the production is cheaper. But an advantage of composites during production is that they can be layered and have the fibres positioned at a different direction which could provide a different behaviour for the designated structure. ...read more.


But as composites are used for the core interior of aircraft structure, there will be no opportunity for it to come in contact with water. On the other hand, some metals oxidizes and they also go through wears and tears. For non mechanical property, composites again have an advantage as it is not magnetic, thermal or electrical. These are important as during flights, the amount of static caused from the frictions between the aircraft and air can produce static which is dangerous. Also the friction will produce heat which could alter certain operations if it reaches too high. For conclusion, the increase use of composites from metals such as aluminium is necessary as it provides a range of advantages such as reduction of weight, cost, as well as better mechanical properties. But metals are still the major materials used as it has a more suitable property for the exterior parts of the aircraft. ...read more.

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