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Buzzing In Electronics Investigation

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Electronics Section A Buzzing In A1-Introduction I am going to design a system that will help me in a quiz game that I regularly play at my local youth club. The circuit will consist of a buzzer and two buttons, it may also have a light for each team. This will mean that when one of the buttons is pressed the circuit will latch and the light of that team will go on and the buzzer will make their teams individual tone. This will then be reset by one master switch. The buzzer must make a different tone for each team. A2-Analysis Of The Problem My system will need to sound a buzzer and light a light and also block out the other teams response to the question. It will also need to latch so that the buzzer and the light will stay on for a certain amount of time and then go off. This will let the whole of the system be able to work in a proper format with the brief and specification. I will use three subsystems in my circuit, a precedent bistable, a monostable multi-vibrator and an output voltage oscillator. The precedent bistable part of the circuit is the main part of the circuit, it will let one of the team's ...read more.


A4-Investigation Firstly for my investigation I made a circuit on the computer in a program called "Crocodile Clips" this let me simulate what the circuit would be like if I built it properly without wasting components. When I pressed switch 1 LED 1 lit up as well, and when I pressed Switch 1 LED 2 lit up as well. In the practical circuit that I built I used a pair of wires touched together instead of a switch because I did not have a switch. The experiment showed that it all worked. When all the components were built into the circuit I could see that the circuit would be a perfect size and it could easily fit into my specification. The NOR gate chip would be the only part of the circuit that is Active. The whole circuit ran off a 9V battery and would show which team pushed the button first. This all fit my specification, the only thing that had been left out was the buzzer but this would easily be added later using a small 555 timer chip. A5-Specification * Must run on a 9v battery. * Must use to distinctive tones for each team. ...read more.


This is because the precedence Bi-stable will block out the other team and light the LED for the team that has pressed the button. I have also taken into account the fact that the systems will be easy to build and also cheep to build. This all means that it will fit my specification. The circuit is fairly easy to build for real as it only contains a total of 2 IC's. the only real draw back with this circuit is it is only small and so the soldering may take extra time to do. This could be a big draw back depending on the skill of the person who is soldering the circuit. A8-Design Of System This is the monostable part. It times how long the buzzer is on for. After some time it stops This is the precedence Bi-stable This is the multi- vibrator it produces it shows a light for each team different sounds for each team This it triggers the monostable then sets the helps quickly know who pressed the Multi-vibrator off. button first. This shows the design of my chosen circuit. With the three different Sub-Systems highlighted. Each part of the system has a different job to play and so helps in making the circuit better A9-Selection Of Components I ordered my components from the Maplin and JPR electronics stores this helped me in all ...read more.

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