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Cad cam essay

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Nick Renwick Cad cam essay Cad stands for computer aided design. It is used in replace for a drawing board etc. because it is much more accurate and reliable. Cad involves using a computer and appropriate software .You can use a mouse to design it but it isn't very accurate so they usually type in the commands or use a tablet pc. Cad allows very accurate and precise drawings to be achieved quickly and easily and it is very easy to make alterations to you project your designs can be stored on disks so you can take your work anywhere you go Cam stands for computer aided manufacture. Cad and Cam are mostly used together. Because cad designs the project and cam cuts it out. This is good because it means you can mass-produce things e.g. for architectural, engineering, electronics, roadways, and woven fabrics. ...read more.


During the 1950's these Numerically Controlled machines used the existing technology of paper tapes with regularly spaced holes punched in them to feed numbers into controller machines that were wired to the motors positioning the work on machine tools. The electro-mechanical nature of the controllers allowed digital technologies to be easily incorporated as they were developed. . But now with cad cam if you make a mistake you can just delete it strait away and things are so much quicker and easier once you get used to it. Also it is so much more accurate because you can type in the exact angle etc. Also they didn't have cam so they would have to make their projects by hand. Using cad cam in resistant materials When you do resistant materials it quite hard to make precise pieces of work to how you drew them but when you use cad/cam it is much easier How it is done 1. ...read more.


You would have to do each piece by hand which wouldn't be as accurate and would be much more time consuming. Also if you aren't very good at doing resistant materials using tools etc. then cad cam would be a lot easier because all you need to be good at is computers and designing. Now people can mass produce products without employing as many staff and it would also take less time therefore produce more money in the long run Conclusion Overall you can see that cad cam is so much better than old-fashioned ways because it is * Faster * More convenient * Easier * Easy to correct mistakes * Mass production. Cad cam has influenced our world so much more because it stops mistakes and creates everything the same so there are no mistakes in any of the things made. It has influenced the electronically world a lot because they like to mass produce things a lot as well with packaging etc. so overall cad cam is better. http://www.techsoftuk.co.uk/2D.htm ...read more.

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