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Car Safety Features.

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´╗┐About 8 million cars are made in India every year and the market is growing like never before, the increased buying of cars has led to increased road traffic and road accidents too. India has a nasty distinction of having highest (in number) road accidents leading to over 130,000 deaths a year. While there are several factors for the road accidents, it is good to have a car that has security features loaded. Modern day cars as in these days come stuffed with safety and standard comforting features, thanks to the growth of the car industry over the years. If you are going to install safety features on your car then certain measures like bonding to an insurance company can offer you some benefits and discounts, for these features add to safety of the car, your eventual premium might come down or you have a chance to avail of a waiver as a bonus and thereof. In reality it is the role played by the insurance companies to up the security features in the cars. Some of the latest safety features available for the latest car models are:- airbags, active head resistance, car safety belts, anti lock brake system(ABS), tyre pressure monitor system, built in or child safety seats for children. ...read more.


We are unknown to it that physics is also involved in automobile collisions and physics is also used to prevent injuries in collisions. The aspects which I am going to deal with are seatbelts, airbags etc. Wearing a seatbelt we usually think that wouldn?t we stop as the car stops? This is where physics applies. When a car stops suddenly due to a collision with another object such as another car, a tree, pole, etc. the car's acceleration decreases very quickly in a short period of time. This is called deceleration. Newton's Law of Inertia explains how this happens. Law of inertia says An object in motion continues in motion with the same speed and direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force. Inertia is applicable As the car collides with another object, the other object provides the force which changes the speed and direction. The car stops going in the direction it was going in, and in some cases bounces back depending how hard of a force hits it or how much momentum the car had. Also, the speed decelerates quickly due to the impact. When all this happens the passenger is not being acted upon by a force to slow them down. When such kind of action takes place the seatbelt plays its role. ...read more.


We also have to focus on the societal effects. These effects cause a high damage to the society. Many people in the society drink and drive. Driving while drunk is dangerous and drivers with high blood alcohol content or concentration are at greatly increased risk of car accidents, highway injuries and vehicular deaths. Every single injury and death caused by drunk driving is totally preventable. Although the proportion of crashes that are alcohol-related has dropped dramatically in recent decades, there are still far too many such preventable accidents. Unfortunately, in spite of great progress, alcohol-impaired driving remains a serious national problem that tragically affects many victims annually. Impossible only means that you haven?t found the solution yet. Nothing is impossible in this world. Impossible itself says I AM POSSIBLE. Like every problem has a solution even this societal damage causing to the society has a solution. Drunk driving, like most other social problems, resists simple solutions. We can restrict to the licence of the drivers to reduce the accidents taking place frequently. Automatic licence cancellation is the most easiest and effective measure to reduce drunk driving. Restriction of night time driving for young people is also a good measure. Wider roads, improved street and highway lighting, break-away sign posts, brake lights positioned at eye level, door crash bars, and many other improvements can save lives and be cost-effective. ...read more.

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