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Carbon Fibre chemistry assignment.

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CARBON FIBRE CHEMISTRY ASSIGNMENT Properties: Carbon Fibre is one of the most useful organic materials known to man. Carbon Fibre is used for its strength to weight ratio. It is extremely strong and weighs very little. Carbon Fibres may also join with other materials to make many compounds that all have very practical applications. These are called Hybrid Composites. One of the most useful and widely used of these composites is fibreglass, which is made by adding glass fibres to carbon fibres. The outcome is a strong lightweight material that is used to build boat hulls, eskies and many other useful items. Other materials made from carbon fibres are some fabrics and some plastics. Preparation: Carbon Fibres can be made from two different raw materials. The first is where the fibre is made from the precursors material PITCH. This method is rarely used due to the fact that the end fibre is not as strong as the other type of fibres. Since this method is very rarely used, the focus of the assignment will be on the second method, where Acrylonitrile is used as the raw material to make PAN fibres (Polyacrylonitrile fibres). ...read more.


4. Sizing In the last process, a neutral finishing agent is used to protect the fibres from further processing and to act as an interface to the resin system of the composite. The finishing agent is usually epoxy. Uses / Significance To Society: There are many uses for carbon fibre. The main use for carbon fibre is to give a strong material that is lightweight. This is very practical for use in the aerospace industry, which involves the building of aircraft and space shuttles. Formula One and INDY cars are using carbon fibre shells for the bodies of their racing cars. The new types of golf drivers are now being typically made from carbon fibre (graphite) with a filling of foam or honeycomb to give the driver head increased strength. This allows the golf ball to be driven further than with the more heavy wooden drivers. The hybrid composite fibreglass, is a material which is practical in the building of insulations. Ice chests and house insulation are now being typically made from fibreglass. ...read more.


There are a great number of applications that use carbon fibre because of its incredible properties. Aircraft and Indy cars have gained extra speed and efficiency by using the lightweight carbon fibre materials. Products such as golf drivers and fishing lines made from carbon fibre need less effort to achieve the same or better results than those made from materials such as wood or nylon. Lightweight prostheses made from carbon fibre are more manageable than the heavier wooden versions. Looking at carbon long term, it would be most probable to say that another substance with a greater strength to weight ratio will be developed. Whether or not that substance would be feasible as far as cost and availability would be hard to predict. It is however possible to say that the demand for high strength to weight ratio products will increase with time. Conclusions: Carbon fibre is an extremely practical material with many applications. The need for carbon fibre in today's society is crucial because there is a great demand for high strength in products but at a fraction of the weight of high tensile steel. The use of carbon fibre in materials has produced products that are lightweight, strong, manageable and efficient. ...read more.

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