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Comparing differnt types of batteries

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´╗┐Power Scalectrix Lap Counter Project Analyse The scalectrix lap counter requires constant low voltage power, for it to work. We cannot use the mains power, as its dangerous and can be fatal if not used correctly. As the scalectrix user age is around 5 to 14. Using direct mains power will be even more dangerous; however we can use transformers to lower the voltage and current. Also we can use batteries to power the project. The many types of batteries out there in the market, these include AA, AAA, C, D, 9v. Also lantern and car can used, however there are less portable and heavier. ...read more.


However it will cost you more to buy alkaline batteries than the zinc. Another advantage of the alkaline battery, its voltage level doesn?t fall as quickly as the zinc carbon battery also has much higher capacity which means it?ll provides more amps per hour. Silver Oxide ? Very small 1.5V button cell commonly used in watches, clocks, calculators, cameras, and many miniaturised electronics goods, where size and power are important. One of the good things about the silver oxides are, it provides almost constant voltage level until the battery is drained of its chemical (discharged) ...read more.


Live Cell ? Live cell is a self-recharging battery and very eco-friendly. Livecell is a self-recharging battery that harnesses power from your movement. It can be used for any device but it's particularly great for small devices like remote controls, cordless mouse, small clocks, Wiimote etc. When the batteries of these devices run out, you don't even need to take it out, for example, when the batteries of your TV remote run out, just shake it for few minutes and it it would get enough charge for next few days. The battery itself out puts normal 1.5v or 3.7volts for camera device. It has a massive 2500 amp per hour which will last a while before second charge. http://www.asiaone.com ...read more.

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