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Comparing the Commercial Sector with the Catering Service

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Comparing the Catering Service with the Commercial Sector There are plenty of similarities and differences between the catering service and the commercial sector for example in the businesses within the catering service like Sodexo do not have opening times and only open/close when the customers/clients need them to; so this is entirely dependant on the event that they are catering for. Whereas in the commercial sector they tend to have specific opening and closing times like Pipers, for example, open at 6pm and close at 9pm. ...read more.


In the catering sector, additional services can usually be included as well such as DJs, music, dance floors and bars whereas this is less likely in the commercial sector as they don?t tend to have as many contacts out of the business. Staff also have certain hours in the commercial sector that they work which is usually 9am-5pm but in the catering sector their working times depends on the event that they are working. ...read more.


The commercial sector usually offers things like accommodation, wedding services, golf courses, spas etc but in the catering sector they can offer weddings, charity meals and conferences. I think that the catering sector and the commercial sector have a lot of similar products and services but differ majorly as the staff work different hours, they offer different menus and different types of services. Similarities are that both sectors can cater for the same sort of events and offer similar food/drink. ...read more.

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