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Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacture (CAM)

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CAD/CAM Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacture (CAM) are terms used for a range of different ICT applications that are used to help in the process of designing and making products. I have used both CAD and CAM in the designing and making of this dessert. They are also used in both the test kitchen and industry when making this dessert. Computer aided design CAD is a computer aided system for creating, modifying and communicating a plan for making products such as this dessert. It is used in the food industry and in the test kitchen in many ways. Here are examples of CAD used in the designing of the dessert 'special Apple crumble': Example of CAD Application Word processing Creating questionnaires, presenting data/information. ...read more.


Clipart Create mood boards, draw pictures of the dessert. Computer aided manufacture (CAM) CAM is a broad term used when several manufacturing processes are carried out at one time aided by a computer. These may include process control, planning, monitoring and controlling production. Computer aided manufacture is also widely used in the food industry. There are many machines in the industry that are controlled by computers. CAM is used in the food industry for..... Industrial equipment Cutting / Slicing / Dicing Mandolin - used to slice and cut food evenly every time. Cooking Tunnel oven - the products (e.g. biscuits) travel on a conveyor belt. Deck oven - for batches of products (e.g. ...read more.


no more ingredients are added when certain weight is reached). Storing Hopper - huge holding container which often has a weighing facility attached to it. Silo - another huge holding vessel. Separating Centrifuge - works like a huge spin dryer and can separate liquids from solids parts. CAM is also used in the food industry for shaping, rolling and decorating foods. Other aspects of the manufacturing process are also dependent on CAM. Some examples include; * Data loggers- These are electronic sensors which will detect and record the weight, temperature, colour, pH and moisture changes in the dessert product. * The manufacturing of the packaging. * Printing labelling information onto the food packages. * Stock control. Nadine Abbas 11A ...read more.

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