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Copper Research.

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Copper Research * Some possible uses for copper are for money, roofing sheets, roofing tiles, flashing strips, gutters, downspouts, cupolas, vents, hand rails, light fixtures and signs are available in copper. In order to get a profit I would try to sell my copper to a good company. * I would try to sell my copper for as much I can sell in order to make a profit. It might get us more experience because if we do business with the right people we make a profit and get experience. * Ore malachite is like a green mineral. This is a carbonate like Azurite. Researching Copper Electrics and Electronics In practical terms, copper is indispensable, not only in a multiplicity of functions in the world around us, but to our basic health, as it is a vital trace element in our daily diet, helping to ensure the health of body and brain. ...read more.


The ever-changing patina is an integral feature of the appearance of a building as it weathers, the original copper glow gradually changing to a succession of warm brown tones before reaching the final distinctive green. Cu Co3 ---------> Cu O + Co2 2Cu O ---------> Cu+ Co2 Theoretical yield 1 mole ------> Cu Co3 + Cu O + Cu mass of 1 moles 124g 80g 64g mass expected 2.5 1.2g Actual yield 0.1g Theoretical yield: 0.g/1.2 x 100= 8.3% Activity Manufacture of ammonium nitrate Hazards Persons in danger Severity of Hazard Likelihood Rate Control measures Training Acid Burn You/Others 3 3 9 Be careful with acid / Broken Glass You /Others 4 2 8 Don't walk with glass / Fire Burn You 4 4 16 Stand up be careful / Danger to hurt someone else You /Others 3 3 9 Be careful and be aware / Materials and procedure Severity 5 = Fatal 4 = Major injury ...read more.


0.08 labour 10.00 per hour 3 people for 2 hours �60 Evaluation The experiment went wrong because we separated it the wrong way. The way we can change and make it better we can get a more precise heating then use them as much more. Also the experiment went wrong because the calculations fo the temperature didn't turn as planned. We could have tried to improve it by making the temperature and using a more careful way to separate the metals. We used the equipment in the wrong way we should have been more careful and try to do the experiment the right way in order to get better results. Balance equation Copper carbonate ==> carbon oxide ==> carbon dioxide Thermal decomposition Cu Co3 CuO Co2 In this reaction we used a lot of heat to make the chemical react Copper oxide + carbon ==> carbon dioxide + copper Displacement decomposition 2CuO C Co2 2Cu We used a lot of heat. The carbon burn and as it was burning it turned into fire. Luis Espinosa ...read more.

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