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Copy and evaluate a commercial baby food with a homemade equivalent

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Child Development Resource work on Baby food Centre num 12841 Candidate num:__________ Baby food test I chose to copy and evaluate a commercial baby food with a homemade equivalent. I am going to make a jar of baby food then comparing it with a commercial equivalent. I will try to make sure both have roughly the same ingredients. I will then make my bolognas and blend to the correct consistency so it is easy for the baby to eat. I will let people test it and give there opinion on the: 1. Texture 2. Colour 3. Convenience 4. Best flavour 5. Most appetising 6. Value for money I will then place the results I get on to a table then transfer it to a graph. Once I have done this I will weigh up the pros and cons of each one and give which one seems to be most like out off the two. I will do the coursework in steps they are: * Look at commercial baby foods and find one to compare with * List the ingredients and write a method to making it * Cost food * Make food and test with ten people * Write the results * Draw up a table * Draw graph * Evaluate my work I chose to copy the spaghetti bolognas made by Heinz with a price of 45p for a jar of 150 mls. ...read more.


I feel its up to the people to say if they like it. Results from table: Best looking: commercial baby food as it had more sauce to make it more appetising. It wasn't shredded as much as homemade baby food. Which made it look far nicer looking. Best flavour: homemade baby food was far nicer as it had a more meaty taste. Where as I found that the commercial baby food was very bland I feel there is a reason for that and that is that baby foods should only have very little salt as this could make them ill or even die. Most appetising: the commercial baby food was voted the most appetising as it had more sauce, it wasn't a pulp as it had strands of spaghetti, it had a nicer colour as the homemade baby food was pale. Most convenient: I have found that the most convenient one is the commercial one as you only have to get it out and microwave for 20-30 seconds. The only thing is that they cost so much as they cost roughly 45p each, were as for about 20-30 servings of it's homemade equivalent it cost �1.75. Which is a lot cheaper then a commercial baby food as it cost's about 6p a serving! Colour: the colour of both was very different as the commercial baby food was browns and reds were as the homemade was a very pale brownie colour. ...read more.


Through my mistakes I made, I think that if I were to do this again I would try to remember to put more fluid into the mix so that it doesn't go really thick. I think that was a major mistake as it made the look and texture worse making this a slightly unfair test, as you didn't get the proper results it would of had if it was done correctly. If I were to do this resource work again the four things I would change would be: * Try to make the homemade baby food more appetising and less thick by making the mixture more watery. * I would try to research more in to the baby food ingredients. E.g. I would investigate how much salt can be in the baby foods. * Try to get the survey to a more wide range of ages as most of it was done in school so the survey was slightly unbalanced. If I done it again I would do this again I would do the survey on 12 people in these groups of twos in age groups. They would be toddlers, 2-5yrs, 5-10,10-18, 18-30, 30+. * Make it a fair test by not allowing the people to know which one was which as this may have coursed a different result then I got. I enjoyed the work and if I did have time I would have made these changes above to make it better and fairer. ?? ?? ?? ?? Adam Spicer 10.4 ...read more.

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