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Create and sell an accessory collection (starting a small business)

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Topic: Create and sell an accessory collection (starting a small business) Hypothesis: To what extent can determination help you to develop the necessary skills to handle the organization and managing of a small company? Tutor's name: Gabriela Flaiban Area Leader's name: M r Harvey Mc Gough Area of interaction: Homo Faber Student's Name: Victoria Ocampo Level 5 "A" Year: 2003 Personal Statement Introduction Starting to work Next steps Bibliography Annexes The main reason I've chosen this topic is because as you will also read in the introduction, making accessories is something I really like doing; It is the first time I can accomplish a school task that has been given to me, doing something that I enjoy. It is just perfect! It will not only help me with my school life, but it could also be the beginnings of a promising future. The aim of my project, parallel to the fact of making accessories and selling them is to see if determination and skills are enough to start a business of my own. I do not believe it would be difficult to design and sell the new collection. What I have to see is how I will finance the whole process. But I am really enthusiastic about it and I will really try hard to put all my ideas into action. Since we had to do a project to pass the middle age program I tried to do a project that nobody else has ever done and something I really liked to do, so the best thing I could think was this topic I've chosen, I love doing accessories, it is very original, and I get a profit from it. ...read more.


The first thing I did after meeting with Gaby Flaiban (tutor) was the survey. The survey was organized in the following way. It was repeated several times with different accessories. There were 10 (ten) accessories and I showed them to different people of different ages, they had to put them in order from worst to best. In that way I could see which were the three accessories people different ages liked the most. After choosing the final designs, to start businesses, I must have a budget; even tough it is a small one. Five years ago I asked my mother and Grandmother for money, they gave me $100 (mom $75 and grand mother $25). So I went to buy all my working material, and started working. Time made me perfection my style, and neatness but, no matter how good the beaded crafts were I was scared that I will never return my credit, it is very common that when you start a business you can be scared or believe that it won't be good. So I had to work really hard. Now, five years after, I also asked for a credit, this time a little bit bigger than the first inversion, I had my savings, I used $100, and asked my mother for another $100, my grandmother didn't keep behind and bought me beads, and wool. After I do an accessory I immediately cost it, the things I take into account are: the cost of materials, hand labor, and how many exemplars I do of it (obviously if I do 10 of them and if there is a big offer of them I will price it less in order to sell it). ...read more.


attire itself so the attire doesn't look old anymore and the whole outfit is brand new because of a little change, because beaded accessories are very cheap comparing them with the price of clothes. Another advantage is as I sell a lot I have my savings and I can use it for buying things for me like clothes or going on a trip, etc. This is a hobby that gives me money and that is really important for me. I like it and also can get a profit from it. When I started on October I asked the girls of my class, shop owners and my family what they would like me to do, it was an informal survey, because I haven't wrote it down as a survey actually. But nevertheless I put it into practice. They asked for peace signs, lots of colors, many stars, and many earrings and pins. I kept everything I sold on a diary (annex page...) I worked September, October, November, December, and January. February was my holiday month so I didn't work at all, also march, April, May, June and July. On that summer- spring collection I earned $520 with a mean of $100 a month and my expectations for the autumn-fall collection is better yet. Because I added one more store to give my accessories and promoted myself even better. BOOKS: * "Bead lings" BY Julie Collins and Candice Elton, Klutz editorial Magazines * Revista " mostacillas" 4th edition Evia ediciones * Internet * http://www.eviaediciones.com * http://www.klutz.com * http://www.mujer.tercera.cl/2001/10/27/moda.htm * http://www.derrochasvip.com.ar/latrama/canutillos.htm * Vicky Ocampo level 5 A Page 1 of 19 TO WHAT EXTEND CAN DETERMINATION HELP YOU TO DEVELOP THE NECESSARY SKILLS TO HANDLE THE ORGANIZATION AND MANAGING OF A SMALL COMPANY Vicky Ocampo ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Resistant Materials section.

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