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Creating an anti-smoking leaflet.

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Identify The Welsh Assembly in Cardiff are going to start a big campaign to try and deter young people from starting smoking. It also wants to try and get people to quit smoking. For this campaign they will be making leaflets to promote anti-smoking and depositing them in different places like community centres and schools. The assembly has asked me to design a leaflet providing information to young people to young people about the dangers of smoking. This is part of their policy to let young people design the leaflets because they feel that they will be more in touch with other youngsters and will design leaflets which will be more appealing to them. The 'user' in this task will be the Welsh Assembly. They have to be happy that the leaflet is good enough to be reproduced professionally and given out around the country. I could produce this leaflet manually, e.g. handwritten with pictures stuck on but that would not look very professional and would take a long time to produce a large quantity of them. Also it would be difficult to correct any mistakes done while writing the information out. I could produce the leaflet on word processing software such as Microsoft Word XP because it will let me type in the required information and add some images and graphics. ...read more.


not really need to be kept secure from people because if other people view it, it will not break any laws as there will be no personal information in it. I will also have to decide on different fonts and sizes for the leaflet. I will also have to use lots of colour for the background and the foreground to make it stand out as much as possible. I will also have to spell check my publication after I have created it to ensure that there are no incorrectly spelt words in it. I will test this out in the test section in Design. Design I will now create an initial design of my leaflet which will be drawn out. I am going to draw two pages but in the real thing this will be printed back and front of one page. I will then send this initial design to the Welsh Assembly and ask them if I should change anything and any comments they have. With this in mind I will then create a final design which I will then try to re-create in the Implementation section. After this I will have to test some parts of the leaflet in a test plan. I will test the spell checker to see if there are certain words that fail there. ...read more.


From this view I could see that I have enlarged the picture and the proportion stays the same. It is also at 150% zoom. This shows that when you resize an object diagonally, the proportionality and the clarity stay the same. I will now make the object smaller again by using the diagonal handle. I have now made the image smaller again so it is the same size as the initial size. I have now seen that when you increase or decrease the size of an object diagonally then the picture retains the same proportionality and clarity. I have now done my tests and have seen that the spell checker does work in Publisher and corrects incorrect spellings. I have also found out the best way to change the size of pictures which is to resize them diagonally. This keeps the pictures clear. I will now create the leaflet on Publisher. I will create my first version and then send it off to the Assembly asking them what I need to change in it. I will annotate my version 1 with the comments that the Assembly made. I will then proceed onto my final version which I will then spell check and then print off and send to the Assembly as the real thing. I will then comment on how my final version has changed from my final design in the design section. GCSE I.C.T Desktop Publishing Coursework 1 Ravi Aggarwal ...read more.

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