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Creating the logo - Software and Hardware

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Creating the logo- Software and Hardware To create the logo I have decided to use the scanner to get the image of the daisies and then alter this image using 'Adobe Photo Deluxe.' I could have used the scanner program, which also allows me to manipulate the image, but it has fewer features. Adobe will allow me to save the image, alter it, and go back to the saved version if the results are unsuccessful. It allows me to change my original image in many ways including resizing, changing the colour of my image, change the background and using a large range of special effects. It is the most advanced of the software I have at home and with other graphics programs it is often difficult to use a photo or scanned image. Adobe is specially designed for altering images of this type and I am also quite used to using it. Using Adobe will save a lot of time that I could have spent trying to work out how to alter a scanned image in a graphics program. The scanner I will use is a flatbed AGFA SNAPSCAN310. ...read more.


This was a very slow process involving selecting the edges of the daisies and chain using the mouse. I then chose another background and put it behind the image I had left. This produced the image below on the left. I decided against it because the background drew attention away from the daisies, as it was too overpowering and bright. In the selecting process I also lost a lot of the chain and the blue background is still visible in places. The chain is just as important as the flowers, so I decided that the logo could still be improved. I experimented with some other special effects including embossing, 'solorizing', 'note paper,' 'funnel,' (below right) and other distortions. 5. I decided that the chain was too thin and there were too many flowers, so I used some bigger, fancier daisies and a thicker chain and scanned these in. They were a pale pink and I didn't like their colour much (below left), so I used the 'tint' option to change the hue of the image (below centre) and then the saturation (below right). 6. I was now happier with the image, but I wanted the daisies to be more yellow so it would complement the purple and create a brighter image. ...read more.


I have only used the scanner to obtain an image and not to alter it. To change this image I used Adobe. I didn't use all the possible features of this software but I used a lot of the special effects and advanced effects in designing the logo. This is a list of all the ones I used; instant fix, fix colour, size orientation, glowing edges, tint, mezzotint, distort, negative, change background, merge clouds, posterize, chrome, neon glow, funnel, swirl, crackle, note paper and emboss. In the actual logo I didn't use all of these but I used tint, size orientation, sharpen, instant fix, remove dust as well as some other features like adding text. All these were very useful and the only problem I had was losing detail when the image was made smaller and this would have been the case with any software. Adobe also allows you to send images via the Internet, send them to disks, files or to the printer. I only used this feature to print the images. The other main feature of this software is allowing images to be added to ready designed calendars, allowing cards, pages, labels, frames and T-shirts to be created. As yet I have not used this feature, but I will use it to make the letter-headed paper and business cards. ...read more.

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