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Creative Writing :The Meal

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Creative Writing :The Meal I kindly handed the waiter a saucer with a few small white mints, and a receipt on it. He thanked me and promptly brought over the same white saucer, containing some cash, a few notes and coins. I then proceeded to ask him for the bill. Strangely he disappeared backwards into the kitchen. I spoke to my date for the evening; we discussed the day's events backwards. As we got deeper into conversation, the waiter walked out of the kitchen backwards, carrying two empty, yet dirty bowls containing dirty spoons. He turned around and placed them down onto our table and thanked us. ...read more.


He carried it back into the kitchen back wards. He came out backwards with menus. He asked us for our order and gave us the menus. My date and I looked at the menus, and as we did, a man came around with a bucket of water, with some roses. He noticed my date had a rose, so came over. I took the red flower off of her and gave it to the man, who wasn't very well dressed. He handed me a pound coin, and walked away from the table backwards. The waiter then came over and took the menus away from us. He walked backwards into the kitchen, and brought out two dirty plates, some knives and forks. ...read more.


He proceeded to take our plates of food back into the kitchen. He came out backwards perhaps ten minutes later and placed two empty soup bowls on front of us. We placed some dirty spoons in our mouths and pulled out spoons filled with soup. We tried to heat it up by blowing it and then we poured it into our bowls. We progressed, and filled our bowls with steaming hot tomato soup. The waiter once again, kindly took these away for us. He came back out whilst my date and I were deep in conversation. He took our order and gave us some menus. We browsed the menus and a short time later, the waiter came back out and took them. We then stood up and the waiter showed us backwards out of the restaurant. Robert Gates 10D ...read more.

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