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Dear Auntie Gladys and Uncle Jack,

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64 St Andrews Avenue Pelsall, Walsall West-Midlands WS3 4EW 31ST January 03 Dear Auntie Gladys and Uncle Jack, As usual, it was a wonderful surprise to hear from you once more. It honestly made my month, I enjoy talking to you and receiving very helpful tips for my future education. My education standards are higher than ever before, you will be pleased to know. My D.T (design technology) teacher as encouraged me to do further GCSE courses for example: graphic designs. Although this is a great opportunity to increase my learning level it is also one more thing to worry about, I have no idea what to do. ...read more.


There is only one problem every time I put some in a couple of weeks later I take it back out. I shall have to stop my bad spending habits! I had a new colour phone because my old phone is what people would say was a 'brick'. My mom and dad brought me a fantastic sound system with surround sound for my room! This most incredible invention is very handy when we have parties ,and this is only very occasionally. My other best mate is called Snelly. Danielle and I are spoiled rotten by him. A few weeks before Christmas he had taken me to buy a present. ...read more.


You do not want to know the price of this rare disaster. I am now a young women with very big ambitions, who is seeking for someone to support and walk in her footsteps. I can't help to think of what the future holds for 'Miss Sarah Stackhouse'. I dream to be a beautiful bride of a handsome man, starting a family of my own one day. But who knows what the future holds for any one but the man in the clouds. I have yet to discover and experience the world of responsibility, independence and troubles. Here is a photo of me and my best friend Danielle. I have much more to say but so little paper! Write to you again soon but until then I hope you stay well. Lots of love your dearest niece Sarahxxxxxxxxxx Until we speak again!!! ...read more.

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