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DESIGN SPECIFICATION Design and make a product for my mum's bedroom. The product must have the following features: > Blend in with the rest of the colours in the room > Last for 1-2 years > No more then �10-20 each > Easy to fasten and unfasten > Made to a good marketable standard > Suitable ...read more.


7-5cm (3-in) heading tape. Machine washable. 42% polyester, 58% cotton. From �16.99 Caf� pole ready-made roller blind. 50% polyester, 50 %cotton. Spongable finish. Side winder action. Easily trimmed to size. Width 122cm. Drop 160cm. From �15.99 The Mia collection duvet cover. 50% polyester, 50% cotton. Machine washable. From �9.99 Pair of beaded cushion cases Co-ordinates with heritage. ...read more.


Co-ordinates with metropolitan. Iron on reverse. Size 46 46cm (18 X 18ins) From �9.99 DEBENHAMS Beaded two tone cushion Embroidered velvet cushion Jessica bolster cushion Two tone throw Sackville cushion MARKS & SPENCER Palazzo patchwork square pillowcase Elephant parade cushion Beaded two tone cushion Ambridge rose ready-made curtains Lavender fragranced pillow Sackville cushion Plain suede cushions Duck feather & down all season Bamboo panel cushions Mock suede cushions Ottoman Hem cushions ...read more.

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