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Design a make a product which is a warning device, which would be attached to my bag so that drivers of vehicles would be aware of my presence. The device should be safe to use and manufacture.

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Glenn Taylor Technology Folder My Name is Glenn Taylor and for 60% of my overall Technology GCSE final mark I have to identify a problem and design a solution. The solution will be designed and built by me. This will include researching, using different techniques of manufacturing and generating ideas. Problem 1 Shed Alarm We have a shed in my garden and it is not protected very well. It contains my computer and various other items of importance and value. Although my family has thought of buying an alarm because of some recent neighbourhood break-ins, they have not found one to satisfaction. Problem analysis * Safety is of the importance so it should be safe to manufacture and safe to use * It should not harm the criminal in any way, only scare them away * It should be easy to use * Overall the main aim for the alarm is to secure the shed Problem 2 Door Bell My father works from home and as the shed acts like his office he cannot hear if people knock on the front door. This causes a problem when it is any member of my family trying to get in or when anybody needs either my father or me. Problem Analysis Problem 2 * It should be safe to manufacture and safe for the user * The bell should do as required and alert whoever is in the shed * It should be user friendly and not look an eyesore on the door. ...read more.


Will The Product Ensure My Safety? The product will be designed to be eye-catching and to draw attention to it, it must flash or have signal to warn traffic. This should ensure the drivers of the vehicle would see it and make the appropriate adjustments to move away from the footpath. Ergonomics Will the product be smooth to the touch? As the product will be handled quite regularly it must be smooth and to enhance the design of the bag light it must be made out of a plastic. Will the product look good? The product will be designed to stand out but not to stand out so much that it looks only good on one certain colour of a bag. It must be made universal so as to fit all bags. Will The Product Give Off Any Odor? The product is not designed to do give off any emissions therefore it will no. Will The Product Make Any Noises? The products circuit will be secure inside the case and it will be screwed down so as not to prevent rattling. Any noise detected could mean there has been a breakage inside the Bag Light. Maintaince Will The Product Be Easy To Maintain? The product will be easy to maintain as it will be built with a screw on battery cover. ...read more.


damage Cost * The product must not cost a lot of money to make and it should be kept to a minimal. * Not to exceed the limit of �10 Time * The project must be completed by the deadline and should not be overly time consuming * The overall deadline is for March 2002 Function * The bag light must function well and do as required Universal * The product must be universal and easy to fit on all types of bags * The batteries must be easy to find and cheap Size And Shape * The bag light should be no bigger than the average bag which is approximately 430mm in length and 330mm in height * The bag light should be in one of the following shapes for safety and style: Circular, Square, Oval, Rectangle Weight * The bag light should not be overly heavy yet it should not be feather light The Following Was Submitted Information Was Submitted At A Website Any Query's or Comments? Fill In The Form Below And Receive A Free Brochure Top of Form Name : Company : Title: Address: City: , State: Zip: Country: E-Mail (Required): Voice Number: Fax Number: Comments? Do you want to receive a phone call from a Mr. Flash representative? Yes No Thank You For Your Interest! Bottom of Form 55 Craven Street Huntington Station, New York 11746-2143 PH:(800) 825-FLASH FAX: (800) 926-8946 E-MAIL: maglite@twinco.com ...read more.

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