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Design a suitable logo for the business or organisation of your choice

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Bitmap Report I have been asked by a Turkish football company called Galatasaray to design and produce a logo for their website www.galatasaray.co.uk. I must produce the company logo graphic to meet 'Galatasaray' design brief: * image must use Colour * image must incorporate text and graphics * image must be no larger than 3 inches square The company is interested in seeing my skills so I should make sure I demonstrate that I can use: * drawing tools (e.g. line, shape, text, brush, Colour, spray) * attribute tools (e.g. fill, line thickness) * manipulation tools (e.g. move, size, copy, paste, flip or mirror, rotate, zoom) I will be making the bitmap logo in Paint. I will show my steps in screen shots and explain how I made my bitmap logo in Paint. What Is a Bitmap Image? A bitmap is a collection of pixels (dots) that describes an image, in human terms, a complete picture. A bitmap can be of various bit depth and resolution. Basically, a bitmap is an array of pixels. E.G What is a pixel? A pixel is the most basic component of any computer graphic. ...read more.


* I changed the font size to 28. I did this to make the text stand out more. I couldn't make the font size any bigger because otherwise it wouldn't fit in the textbox. * I changed the font to Script Mt Bold to make the text more stylish and look more eye-catching. Step 4: I made the background of the textbox red, because it is one of the logo's colours, and also to avoid the text disappearing in the background colour, due to the text and background being black I clicked the 'Fill with colour' icon , and then I selected the colour red from the colour toolbar at the bottom of 'Paint', And then I finally clicked the area I would like to fill with colour which was the textbox. Step 5: I then I filed in the letters of the text 'Galatasaray' with the colour red so it would go with the red background of the textbox. I enlarged the image as shown below to precisely fill in the letters, because if the shape that is wanted to be filled in has any breaks in its border, the fill color spreads to the rest of the drawing area. ...read more.


* Fill With Colour: This tool fills in the background with the chosen colour. I made the background of the logo black to contrast the logo's colours to make the logo stand out. I made the background of the textbox red, because it is one of the logo's colours, and also to avoid the text disappearing in the background colour, due to the text and background being black. * Select: This tool allows you to define straight-edged areas you want to move or change in your picture. * Magnifier: I used this tool to enlarge the image I was drawing in order to make precise amendments. * Brush: This is the main tool I have used to draw and create my bitmap logo, it is simple to use because it works exactly like a paint brush. * Colours: I used colours to make my logo stand out and eye catching. I mainly used red and yellow because they are my company's colours. * Air Brush: I used this tool to repeat the logo's colours in a light and airy fashion to lighten up the plain black background. * Rectangle: I used this tool to border the main feature which is the Logo. * Eraser: I used this tool to amend drawing mistakes. ?? ?? ?? ?? Nisa Soruklu, Bitmap Coursework 1 ...read more.

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