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Design Revision Notes

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Design Revision Notes High Chairs An infants chair with long legs and a tray, for use at meals. This piece of equipment must bear three years of tough daily use, so it's worth some careful thought before you buy. Fortunately there is a safety standard for high chairs. In order to be certified to meet the ASTM/JPMA voluntary safety standard, a high chair must: * Meet general requirements (such as not containing any hazardous edges). * Pass several tests, including drop tests of the tray, and load and stability tests of the chair. * Meet requirements that dangerous coil springs be inaccessible and offer protection from pinching and scissoring. * Have a restraint system and complete label and instructions. Swivel Chairs Safety guidelines for office chairs include the following: * Do not lean back in office chairs, particularly swivel chairs with rollers. * Do not climb on any office chair. To reach high-placed objects use an approved ladder. * Office desk chairs should have adjustable back supports and seat height. Make sure that your chair's back support position and seat height are comfortable. * Take care when sitting in a chair with rollers. Make sure it does not roll out from under you when you sit down. * Repair or report any chair damage that could be hazardous. * Do not roll chairs over electrical cords. ...read more.


3. Paint the varnish on thinly, sanding down lightly between coats.Usually three coats brings up the natural pattern in the wood. If you are going to paint wood, you need to: 1. Sand down and remove the arris. 2. Seal the knots with knotting. 3. Roughen the surface with coarse glass paper so that the paint can grip the wood. 4. Apply a primer. 5. Apply an undercoat. 6. Apply two coats of gloss paint. For outdoor furniture, use an oil (such as teak oil) to protect the wood from water etc. Metal How to make it smooth 1. Smooth the metal with cross filing. 2. Remove any remaining bumps with draw filing. 3. Use wet and dry emery cloths (starting with a coarse one, finishing with the finest). 4. Use a drop of oil with the finest - this gives a smoother finish and prevents rusting. 5. Use a buffing machine with metal polish. How to prevent rusting Oil blacking involves heating the work and dipping it into oil. Painting - usually a primer is needed first. But some paints (e.g. Hammerite) can be applied directly. The surface must be clean from grease (use paraffin followed by washing with hot water and detergent). Lacquering copper and brass prevents oxidisation. Dip coating - heat up the metal to about 180�C. Dip it into fluidised plastic powder. ...read more.


Anthropos is a Greek word meaning 'man' and since the English language is filled with words that have Greek, Latin, French, German, Norse and other origins - it's not really surprising to find a common example. Metrics is anything that looks as though it associated with a very familiar word 'metric' should certainly be associated with measurements. So what have we finished up with ? Overall we have the study of people and their sizes - size of hands, size of legs, length of lower leg, size of head, etc etc. This information can be discovered by checking out a sample of people - the larger the better - then - how we apply it is up to our ability as designers.. Our design has to show consideration of the people we are designing for - We will then have a product that fits properly and ultimately might sell more because it is comfortable to use and effective in its actions. Much of the information that has allowed an effective design to be created has been found out from our study of anthropometrics. Our design has used this information well - we have made the chair comfortable by applying knowledge. We have made it an efficient ergonomic design. We may have included speakers in the seat around the head area to allow effective radio communication in a jet aircraft - or easy listening on the flight to a holiday destination - or perhaps just made it fit the 4 year old children at the nursery.... ...read more.

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