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Design week, Caped Crusader Magazine Review.

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MAGAZINE REVIEW BY Gemma Small Design week, Caped Crusader Caped Crusader, Graphic Images from top shelf. Volume 20, Number 19. Caped Crusader costs �2.80 and is printed every week. It ha 39 pages which have been split into 14 different sections. Caped Crusader contains a range of articles. It starts with a talk from Chee, Senior Designer. which is about the last thing he designed which made millions. The product which Chee made was QuarkXPress65. QuarkXPress65 begins with features made to give you creative freedom instead of annoying limitation. The next three pages of Caped Crusader, are "News" including information about products, launches,designers and design opportunities. Most of the articles are very informative but there are five small articles which just give the brief idea. ...read more.


The page is set out in a clear, professional way with centralised pictures with the corresponding writting around the edge. Caped Crusader's news analysis page is about the battle for screen time. It is basically about the BBC broadcast winning the Itv rebrand , but with a budget of around �1m, Mike Exon asks are the days of big budget screen-branding numbered. It also shows the BBC Broadcast team for ITV which are Jane Walker, Tim Platt, Paula Williams, Vicky Stout and Eve Rawlinson it guids the average weekly viewing and the ITV pitch list. The opinion section of Caped Crusader takes two pages, which is split in to 2 parts which are private views and letters. The pages have been set out in a constructive way with bold headings separating some of the articles. ...read more.


which is just two pages of different designed chairs created by John Stones. There is information about the chairs which is neatly prosented on the right hand side of the second page and also two pages of Graphic novels. The Graphic novel is Dynamic Duo. It also has a retail page and design business page which promote Ikea and how Nucleus has boosted its branding offer with the acquisition of an intellectual property specialist. The degree show guide section is there to promote degrees in different universities and colleges. these three pages have been set out in a constructive way. Freelancers, Directory and appointments are the pages which give information on jobs, equipment, training and more. these pages are set out in an informative helpful way. Overall I think Caped Crusader, Design week Magazine is a well informative magazine which is set out in a well constructive way. I also think it gives good information about graphic images. ...read more.

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