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Designing a Logo

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Communicating I will be aiming to design hardware like mouse's, keyboards etc. so I was thinking what logo I should use, I was thinking long and hard then came up with Tax, Flex and Bolt. Flex is simple and easy to produce and looks more professional then the others. Imagine Flex mouse's or Flex keyboard. Tax looks good, but it doesn't sound that good. Plus if I do it colorful then it would cost more money and Tax would be quite hard to produce again and again. Bolt is ok but I was told it look like a game title! Not what I was looking for in a logo. Plus it would also be hard to produce again and again. I couldn't decide which one to choose so I done a questionnaire. I asked all the people in the classroom at the time (forgot how many of them there were), most people voted for Flex. I was pleased because all you have to do for the � is hold down Alt (not Alt Gr), and on the left hand side numbers type 1, 5 and 9. Or as I found out kp_end, kp_5 and kp_pgup. When you let go of Alt... ...read more.


Then I just made bolt out of anything because we had to make 3 logos. Then I had to put them on computer and it was pretty smooth sailing from then on. For doing my testing I made a questionnaire. I asked 15 questions. Number one was; which logo do you like better? The second one was; what logo would you say, will be easy to repeat over and over again? The third one was; what do you think, I could do to improve my logos? The fourth one was what company do you think my logos are relative to? The fifth one was; which of my logos could you picture in a shop? Those were just some of my logos. Most people said that Flex was the best, so I went to the computer and made it look better by adding a background and making lines straighter stuff like that, then I had to draw them all again and make then neater. Then I displayed them as work. Then I made a few more questions in my questionnaire for my logos, I had added questions like what background do you think will look better for this logo? And I had ones like what colour will make this logo stick out? ...read more.


But when I finished my logos I put them into Microsoft word, this was so I could put a header on it with my name title and date. When I was doing the � for flex I accidentally pressed one, six then nine. Then a (r) symbol came up so I thought, "hey, I could work on that." So I came up with something on the bottom of my logos saying, (c) copyright of D.S.Miller (r). Then for my questionnaire I used Microsoft word and I done my header first saying the date and my name. Then afterwards I printed it out. But no black was showing. So Miss Murray had to put a new cartridge in then it was doing the color funny. It took a couple of goes to get it right. But we got there in the end. I didn't intend to make a computer-related company, I just drew the logos and decided the suited that category. But I did a bit of editing after that. I edited the intended audience. I made tax simpler with fewer colors in one flood fill. I shortened the number of colors by just three. Flex is basically computer writing with a difference so I thought that was easy. Bolt was quite hard but I didn't really think of it as a computer company, but I couldn't think of anything else. ?? ?? ?? ?? Daniel Miller 27/04/07 IT course work ...read more.

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