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Designing a Personal Music Player Brief / Problem

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Designing a Personal Music Player Brief / Problem The problem is that I have to design and make a model personal music player that will fit ergonomically into the palm of someone's hand and fit into a pocket. I am going to design a micro-disc player that is modern and Practical and easy to use. Materials Wood Plastic Metal Glass Manufacture Glue Saw Sand paper Wet and dry paper Weight Light Heavy Storage Where will it go? What will it be stored in? Style / Aesthetics Old fashioned Futuristic Modern Art deco Cost How much will it cost to make? Ergonomics Average sizes Carrying out investigation After completing my analysis it is easy to see what areas I need to research. The first thing I need to find out about is materials. I need to research materials because it is very important that I choose the right materials to make my product. E.g. wood, metal, plastic, glass Below are a list of other areas that I must research before I can write my specification: Existing products (products that are already released on the market) Ergonomics Fittings at the moment I am unsure of what style my product is going to be, here are some of the styles: Futuristic Old fashioned Art deco Modern Analysis Materials - the materials I am going to use to construct my Micro-Disc player must be strong, light and must also look good. ...read more.


Since then MiniDiscs have taken a slow start. Because everyone had just gotten settled in with their new CD equipment, they did not want to fork out more money for something that seemed like the same thing. Now people are starting to see the real advantage of MDs, and its starting to get a little more popular. In Japan especially, prices are going down and production is going up. I heard that in Japan, the low-end decks are around $150, and discs get down to $1.50, that's as cheap as a nice tape deck, and hi-bias tape. If more people start buying MD equipment in the US, we could reach those prices. Today, MDs in the US are kind of underground. There are a lot of people that have not heard of them yet, and not a lot of advertising. But more and more I see prices going down, and more people that know about them. Well enough of the boring stuff, here are some advantages and disadvantages. advantages! The sound quality is great. I have never been able to tell a difference between MD's and a CD or DAT. MiniDiscs have an advantage to CD-Rs in that after you record something on them, you can erase the whole disc, erase one track, you can move around tracks, and put in track marks, you can even label the disc and each track. ...read more.


I bet your asking yourself, "but how does it record"? Well, I'm about to tell you. recording: MDs use a special Magento-Optical method that magnetizes regions of the discs 60 millionth of a cm apart to a North or South pole. When the laser runs across these regions, it can tell whether its N or S and starts to construct the data stream. conclusion So, all in all, MiniDiscs are a way to get CD quality recording on a compact, inexpensive, media. I love every part about MiniDiscs, and would definitely recommend them to anyone interested in Hi-Fi audio in general. Sleek, stylish, and silver! Not only does Sony's MZ-E909 look great on the go, but its rugged magnesium body weighs in at an eminently portable 1.75 ounces. In addition to portability and chic styling, you also get track navigation and playback features cool enough to satisfy even diehard MiniDisc fans. Sony's "Easy Skip" group/folder function gives you simple navigation through groups of tracks - especially handy if you've used LP4 mode on a separate recorder to fit up to 5 hours' worth of music on a single 80-minute MD. The backlit LCD on the stick-style remote delivers nearly effortless control, even in the dark. Two digital sound presets let you adjust the bass and treble, then save your preferred settings. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Resistant Materials section.

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