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Desk and floor lamp research - aesthetics, cost, safety and function of different lamps on sale.

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Aesthetics Adjustable arm and head for easy directing of light. Has a chrome finish and plastic base and glass reflector Energy efficient clip-on light with a flexible neck provides low heat illumination that can reduce eye strain. Made from ceramic and is a design that would fit well into a living room as it is more of an ornament than a lamp A floor lamp with a steel, nickel-plated stem and a square base with a polystyrene plastic shade. Provides light for a workspace but also it acts as a docking system and speakers for your ipod at the same time. Comes in a dark antique rust metal finish and is topped by a Brussels linen natural fabric shade Cost �29.99 good sensible price and matches the quality of the product �64.99 is an expensive price, but is justified by being energy efficient. ...read more.


suitable for a young person who listens to music whilst working at the same time For a more traditional person with more money to spend on an item of real worth. Environment Should be used on a desk or side table to provide a strong light for reading. Clips onto the side of a desk or bookshelf to give warm reading light. Would be kept on a side table in a living room. Should be located in the corner of a room to provide subtle variance of lighting. Would be kept on a work desk in either an office or home. Kept on a table in the living room or a bedside table. Size Height: 50 cm Base diameter: 18 cm Shade diameter: 10 cm Cord length: 196 cm Base clip width 12cm Height 29cm Cord length 184cm height 38cm width 25cm diameter 17cm. ...read more.


Has a 25w bulb that gives subtle lighting for illuminating a corner or section of a room. Lights up an office space charges and plays your ipod through its incorporated speakers. Gives gentle lighting that warms a room up and makes it feel more cosy. Manufacture IKEA are a well known manufacturer that mass produce there products so they do not put much care into their products. Made by LampPlus who specalise in lighting so will be made by people with lots of knowledge in manufacture of lamps and lighting. Will be to a good standard as NEXT are a renowned brand, however it may not be so good as they do not specialise in furniture. Also from IKEA so manufacturing details are the same as the first lamp. It is from a website called desklamps.com which specialises in desk lamps of all kinds Made by an individual designer so quality of manufacture will be exceptionally high. ...read more.

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