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Development or Modifications to Final Ideas

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Development/Modifications Logo: User's Comments: I feel that the grass in the background of the logo and the wavy grass design under the football have been used effectively to the extent that it shows a lot of activities to be available at the leisure centre. As can be seen from this image I have edited the logo using the graphic software: 'Macromedia Fireworks' and 'Adobe Photoshop'. From the previous design I have replaced the wavy blue design with a wavy grass design directly under the ball. This is because it helps to represent the grass image effectively, so it helps to convey that a wide variety of activities are available. This is because grass is associated with sporting activities so this image idea is immediately thought of by the user. Also this helps to make it more relevant to the leisure centre, so I have also added grass to the background of this logo for these very two purposes. Also the main part of the logo has been modified using the graphics software. For example I have added an inner bevel as well as a shadow to make it look more realistic and stand out more. ...read more.


This is because it would not look very attractive if there were many layers of paper stuck on the card as design, which may put off the user from picking up a leaflet. As a result of using one sheet of paper, the surface of the holder looks very smooth which helps all of the designs to stand out and to be eye-catching. The designs for the holder and the two trays have been printed out in high quality on photo paper. This is because it provides a glossy finish to the leaflet holder which will help to make it look much more attractive and appealing to the intended users: adults and children. Leaflets: User's Comments: I feel that the size of the children's leaflet relates to its intended user well as does the design of the adult's leaflet to its respective intended user. As suggested by the user, both leaflets are able to appeal to their own respective intended users. I have carried out a modification on the children's leaflet by changing the layout of the front page using graphics software as well as modifying the size of the children's leaflet. ...read more.


The data of the event has been repeated on both sides of the key-ring because it helps ton reinforce this date to the user. The event also gains more promotion from the key-ring because the details of the event are displayed directly on both sides. As a result another advantage of being printed on both sides is that it helps to gain much further promotion for the event itself. I also modified the children's leaflet, by adding a thin sheet of clear plastic over each design. This is because it was very easy for the designs to fall off the acrylic due to Pritt stick being used. This means that I had to use better glue to keep the designs on, so by adding plastic with adhesive already attached (sticky-back plastic) I was able to secure the designs in place on the acrylic key-ring. This means that this final key-ring is now suited to the needs of children because before it would have been a very common occurrence for them to easily slip off the design. However, now due to the extra layer of adhesive in the plastic the design are firmly in place and will not fall of when the children play with them. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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