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Diet, health and personal preferences of body types.

Extracts from this document...


Biography The computer programs which were used in my food technology project were: Microsoft word - This is where I completed all my write up Microsoft excel - This is where my graphs were produced Internet explorer- From here I accessed the internet where I managed to do a vast majority of my research Recipe calc - From here I managed to calculate the nutritional information of my recipes Paint - In this program I designed my packaging Smart draw - I used this program to design my flow charts Introduction Before I start this project I need to perform an awful lot of research to help me make my mind up about certain things. Here are the methods that I shall use to do my research Questionnaire Internet Picking up recipe's from shops E-Mail Primary Research For my food technology coursework I sent out 30 questionnaires asking people questions about their diet, their health and their personal preferences of body types. Asking people questions and about their health is important so I can get an idea of what most people's health is like. I also asked what types of body image people prefer and what people find most attractive. ...read more.


Changes in waist circumference reflect changes in risk for CVD and other chronic diseases. As with BMI cut-off values have been set to identified increased risk, but for waist circumference these need to be sex and population specific. As the risk varies single global values can not be used. This show's how dangerous being obese can be, therefore people should take try to be as healthy as possible. People should eat low fat foods too, and exercise at least 30 minutes everyday. Design Idea's 1 2 3 4 Pasta and Parmesan Pasta and Mozzarella Pasta and Cheddar Chicken and Cheese Cheese Cranberry sauce 5 6 7 8 Examples of existing products Date Name of Product Salmon and New Potatoes Chicken with a Parmesan cheese crust Chicken cooked in Cranberry sauce Pasta and 3 Cheeses Byte size Chicken with Cranberry sauce Pasta with Parmesan cheese Developmental work For my developmental work I needed to use decide which of my design idea's I should use and then change certain aspects of them to suit the consumer. I decided to develop my chicken and also my pasta dish ideas. The reason for this is because both of these foods are popular with the market sector which I am aiming it at. ...read more.


The reason for me having my packaging this way is because normally when opening up a product the packaging gets damaged and you cannot see the cooking instructions for example, but with this packaging all you have to do is pull out the plastic container, pierce holes in it and place it in the microwave. Evaluation My final solution turned out to be a very popular product amongst the people which taste tested it, the reason for this is quite probably the simplicity. I have made a meal which is healthy and appeals to the majority of the population. Therefore I believe that my product has been a success. I have met all of my targets, my product fits the design specification perfectly. The main difficulty which I had during this piece of coursework was deciding which recipe's I should develop, to help me decide I asked people what they wanted. I believe that this was the correct way of doing things as I could not go wrong. If I were to modify my product once again I would probably modify the ingredients, I would have more exotic ingredients. The reason for this is because exotic foods are becoming very popular in today's society. ?? ?? ?? ?? Mark Austen Food Technology Centre Number: 51515 Mark Austen Food Technology 2/39 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Food Technology section.

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