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DTP Assessment

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DTP Assessment Basem Mobarak Haz * Introduction: This coursework aims/targets at producing a poster, leaflet and a headed letter using Microsoft Word for making a good headed letter and a good leaflet, and Microsoft PowerPoint for making an effective poster. These few pages are divided into five main parts: * Identify: Describes all the software and hardware used to complete this task. * Analyze: Describes what is needed and why. It also views some comments and ideas. * Design: Appropriate designs are drawn with all the features described. It is also divided into PC Design, Flow Charts, and Hand Drawn Designs. * Use/Implement: A part where the design become true, the work is produced, and tested. * Evaluation: How effective the work is and who do you think is going to use your work. * Identify: The place below describes the hardware and software that I will use to have my project done: 1. A monitor is an important output hardware, a monitor screen consists of very tiny dots called pixels, these pixels are divided into three colours (Red, Green, and Blue). When a specific amount of electricity goes through these pixels, they change colours; these colours are shown on screen as images, writings, programs, windows, etc. ...read more.


You can mix include the image in the paragraph by right clicking on the image, select text wrapping and choose through. Ideas: 1. Add colours to the poster so most people will notice it. 2. You may add borders to the leaflet. 3. Images would be great if they are mixed with text writings in a good way. 4. Headed letter should include the logo of the company and information to contact them. Steps of Making: Headed Letter: Begin with a new word document and name it (e.g. Letter). Add the logo of the company by copying the image and paste it on your document, upper right-hand side is always the best. It is always good to type information about the company and how to contact them under the logo. Now write your letter and begin with Dear Sir/Madam. In the end of your letter you may want add the word Yours Sincerely or Your Faithful, and put your signature under your name. Leaflet: Begin with a new word document and name it (e.g. leaflet). Add a border to your leaflet by clicking on format, borders and shadings and selecting the border you want. ...read more.


1. In my poster I had a problem, I didn't find any image for an item that is sold in the restaurant. However, I logged on the Internet, and entered McDonalds Internet site, then chose a burger, right click on the image, and chose copy. After that I pasted the image in the PowerPoint presentation by right clicking on the sheet and choosing paste. 2. I had a problem typing an address on my headed letter, so I typed in the address of the college under the logo of the restaurant. 3. My third problem is mixing images with text writings. I found a good way to pass those obstacles, and that by right click on the image and choosing show picture toolbar. After that, I choose text wrap and select in front of text. This will allow you to have full control on the image as if you are using Microsoft Access. 4. Another problem occurred while building an effective poster is enlarging text and logo. Enlarging a logo is easy; all you have to do is pull the corner of the image and it will be enlarged. For the text, choose the font size at the menu bar at the top after highlighting the text that you want to enlarge it. 1 Basem Mobarak E21902 ...read more.

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