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Eating Disorders - response to video.

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Eating Disorders: From the video, I learned that eating disorders does not only mean excessive eating. Eating too little can also cause problems. Such as Staci's anorexic mentioned in the video. However, either way will cause problems. If someone cares too much about his/her weight, and he/she does not intake enough nutrients that the body needs, illness will come. Our body will not function well because different parts of body needs certain amount of nutrients, such as carbohydrates, proteins...etc. the only way to provide these nutrients is by eating. However, limited eating or too little eating, certainly will not give the enough nutrients our body needs. By that time, our hair might fall, our skin might become dry, our bones might be weaken ... etc. and we will not be able to do anything because we are taking nutrients from our muscles, our muscles might shrink that causes us unable to any activities that require energy. On the other hand, eating too much or being a compulsive overeater will build up unnecessary substances in our body, also disable our body to function. The most common disease will be cardiac disease, which is caused by excessive cholesterol. Another eating disorders mentioned in the video is bulimic, which is characterized as episodic binge eating and followed by feelings of guilt, depression, and self-condemnation. ...read more.


I've watched a show on tv that was talking about why people taking drugs. One of the reasons, which mostly happened in girls, is that they heard taking drugs would make them thin. There was one girl, she admitted that she was just trying to make herself pretty; she felt unconfident and depressing because she was fat. So some drug-dealer told her that taking drug will help her achieve her goal, and when she's skinny enough, she could just stop. She listened and she took the drug, but that just end her life. She's gone too far that she could no longer control herself. In the show, she said she regret, but it's too late. As we can see, a lot people today are not 'perfecting' their body but ruining it. After watching the video "Becoming Barbie", I learned that what we call 'perfect body' is not a possible body. If we force ourselves to be like that, we're just making something possible to be impossible, and that'll take some risk. For now, I think a 'perfect body' is one that functions the best, is one that makes ourselves most comfortable, is one that's able to doing things we want to do. Food and your Mood This article shows us how food can affect our mood. ...read more.


And the lack of understanding in relationship got into the way. From this fact, we could recognize how a person's life or healthiness can be influenced by the environment, experience and parentage. A mutual relationship with parents and a happy life all have great impact on one's mental and physical healthiness. Dieting In most of the times, people will think dieting is only about losing weight, changing body shape. However it is not healthy to just starve yourself. Food is the source that body intake nutrients which can be converted into energies for our daily activities. We will lose weight when our body uses more energy than it gets. However it does not mean not eat or eat little, because if our body constantly loses supply of nutrients, our organs will be damaged. For example, if we reduce the amount of energy we take in but do not exercise, our body will lose muscle tissue as well as fat. A good way to making ourselves fit is to combine a good eating strategy with physical exercise. A good eating strategy will prevent our body from harm and physical exercise will help us to burn the fat as muscles use more energy. in today's world, we have a lot of business company who sue dieting as a way of getting money. We shouldn't trust these stuff because most of them are not efficient, and some of them will even harm our body. ...read more.

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