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Electronics… did it change the way we are living nowadays?

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Practical Application of Electronics To Communications A Research Paper In Partial Fulfillment of the Subject English 102 Submitted to: Ms. Cherry Lyn Porras Submitted by: Roy Anthony M. Saniana ECE 1-B `I. INTRODUCTION A. Statement of the Problem and Objectives Electronics... did it change the way we are living nowadays? Electronics is a branch of physical science that studies the flow of electrons through vacuums, gases, and semi-conductors. In fact, electronic devices use vacuums, gases, or semi-conductors to control the flow of electrons very precisely. But how does electronics really work on electronic devices, especially to communication devices such as TV and radio? ...read more.


This paper hopes to give a glimpse to the reader of how the electronics world works. C. Methodology The methods that were used in conducting this research were note taking. By note taking, I mean poring over pages of books regarding electronics and communications. I also searched the internet for additional information. These two alone prove to be very useful and informative for this study. D. Scope and Limitations of the Study This study will focus entirely on stuff connected to uses of electronics to communication devices. Other electronic devices not related therein will not be discussed and included in the discussion of this paper. ...read more.


Thus this electronic variations make our world more productive convenient and entertaining. Nowadays, there are powerful computers that help engineers in designing cars, airplanes, buildings and structures that need difficult calculations and there are also simple computers that help children in schools. There are also computerized scanners that speed supermarket check out by reading product barcodes, electronic banking machines such as atm's, which allow people to get money from their accounts at any time. In hospitals, doctors study a three dimensional image of a skull in a computer. With a laptop or palmtop computers, handheld tv's, work and entertainment can be taken almost anywhere and the most popular nowadays are the cellphone technologies that allow us to have communication almost anywhere and even access to internet. ...read more.

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