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Electronics coursework.

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Electronics coursework Remi Adeyemo 11E Situation My parents have been complaining recently of the temperature `which the car reaches when they park it anywhere due to the constant heating up of the sun. They find that it may get too hot for the dog when they leave it for short times to go shopping and they obviously cant roll down a window due to the dog escaping or theft of the vehicle. So to help solve this problem I have decided to create a heat sensitive circuit that will open the sunroof as hot air raises allowing it to escape and reducing the risk of theft and the dog escaping. The will also only be on for a set time so that theft may be reduced even further. Design brief To design a small device to open and close the sunroof. The sunroof shall be opened depending on the temperature of the time. And also close on an automatic timer so as to reduce theft. The device will also close the sunroof if the temp drops to acceptable levels in the allotted time. If the sunroof closes and it is still very warm it shall open again in about five minuets. The device shall be small and inconspicuous; it shall also be light and resistant to the elements. Also needs a mains connection so it can also be run on a car battery. Analysis Materials- insulate the circuit where needed to protect components from damp cold and wet conditions. ...read more.


A timer monostable is made up of Ics (including 555) Driving stage At this stage the motor is set to open the sunroof and this is what actually opens the sunroof by driving the gears and other components. Overall for my research I have also printed off computer circuit simulations of many tried out crocodile clips that I have made and though of and also some pcb wizard circuits including my final design and other variations. Methods of construction Methods of construction that I could use for the casing of my circuit are; Vacuum forming When a sheet of plastic is placed in a machine with a moulded or carved object below to which you want the resulting plastic to be a copy of. The plastic is then heated and moulded over the object. This method would be my choice method as it is quick and I have the equipment that I need. Injection moulding When a mould is used to gain a shape by having molten plastic injected into the mould. This is a good way as it is very accurate and good for small shapes and this is what I want the case for my heat sensor to be as a mass product injection moulding is much cheaper and cost effective, but for a one off that I am doing it is more expensive than vacuum forming for if a car manufacture was to incorporate them into their vehicles they would probably use injection moulding. ...read more.


I wanted to use an extremely tiny battery but this was rather expensive so I decided to stick with the regular rectangle shape 9-volt battery. Must have lead that can reach dashboard while circuit is in the roof of the back of the car to make it more adaptable to modern life. Done by simply having extension leads able to be added on to the end of the circuit and by drilling holes in the case to allow connection to car battery supply. In this project I could have further developed my circuit by maybe adding a remote sensor to turn it on or off this would make it more attractive to any wannabe buyers. I could have also done more testing on my circuits to be double sure that everything was fine as I had to back track twice when my testing was inaccurate to rebuild and in some case redesign the entire project. For my casing I could have used a harder plastic than the thinner one I sued as I found out that it was only a few mm thick and was easier to damage than I wanted it to be. Over all I think this project went quite well as the circuit actually works with every thing even the pet mode working. I also think it went well as every one of my specifications was met to an extreme high standard and next time if I was to do this again I would add more to my specification to make a more accurate project so that anyone could make it like adding the max and minimum dimensions of the case or even the components that must be incorporated. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Systems and Control section.

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