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Electronics in Society

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Electronics in Society Electronics has had a great impact on modern society. Throughout this essay i shall be studying the general development of electronics in modern society. I shall begin by describing some of the different areas of society which have been affected by electronics. Areas of Society that have been Affected by Electronics The home entertainment industry has had a massive impact over the recent years as many new forms of entertainment have been introduced, For example Digital versatile Discs (DVD) and Mini Disks have only recently entered the home. The effects that electronics has had on this industry have been somewhat entirely positive, as without electronics the entire industry would cease to exist. All current media forms are electronic, ranging from the video cassette player, the portable CD player or the home DVD player. These devices have made huge impacts on modern society, as for social aspects more and more people stay in to enjoy these forms of entertainment each year, however this is ultimately leading to a more unfit society and overweight future generations. ...read more.


Communications satellites enable events from around the whole planet to be seen and heard on anywhere else immediatly as they happen. Mobile phone services such as Orange, Vodaphone and Cellnetallow people virtually anywhere whether it be in cars on trains or in countryside to contact anywhere. This is of a great benefit to modern society and is of great convienience to many people. Area of Society that I Wish to Investigate Further The topic which i have decided to study in more detail is the computer industry. The Computer in my opinion is the most significant creation ever. Almost all recent devices are based on computers in one form or another and many are desing on computers using CAD technologies. I am going to be looking at the home aspect of computers that will be familiar to many, the Personal Computer (PC). The following are 6 different technologies using electronics within Personal Computers. Email (Electronic Mail) is the sending of a virtual, digital mail messages to another pc, or through recent technological advances even to/from mobile phones and laptops. ...read more.


All modern day recording and mixing of music tracks is done on computers. This means artists creating new songs and tracks is easier than ever. We now have songs that are entirely digitally compiled, not a single instrument needs to be picked up to create a new song with Dj's using pre-recorded samples and riffs that were recorded from instruments using electronics to create songs. In the future this could possibly lead to a society where a musical instrument need never be picked up again and people who cant play an instrument can still make the music they desire. Almost all buissnesses worldwide have had a great impact upon them with the introduction of computer spreadhseet and databse systems. These allow for the easy implemntation of data and records that would normally have to be hand-written and stored in masses of filing cabinets. The data input into these spreadsheets and databases is easily access and altered, and the inclusion of formulae means that less data has to be input and several sheets of data can be put into one file. Overall it saves time, space, and effort. Plus without these system modern day facilities such as banks and hospitals would be virtually impossible to run manually. ...read more.

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