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English Advertising - Production Meeting

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English Advertising - Production Meeting Product: Instant Slimming Diet Doner Kebab Meat "Now who here likes a good doner kebab? Is there anything tastier than that succulent, spicy, tender, roasted sliced lamb, on top of a pitta bread, piled high with crisp lettuce, tomatoes and onions? Turkish Kebabish's are the nations fastest growing kind of take-away. It is said that there are over a million kebabish's in the UK today. We get through an astonishing 350-million doner kebabs a year. As you can imagine, that's a lot of meat - and a lot of money." "However, the problem comes when all of these kebab-addicts, mostly males, between the age of 14 and 45, step onto the scales, and peek over their bloated stomachs to reveal a digit on the balance that far exceeds their expectations! ...read more.


The two plates are labelled A and B. "Go ahead, take a chunk of the latest development in take-aways! We've gone to every measure to make sure it tastes better than your normal, grease-layered lamb meat. The only difference is that this meat contains almost no fat whatsoever and combines a delicate balance of herbs and spices with only the finest lamb meat to make even the most addicted kebab fan feel good about himself. We've tested and tried this meat for months in the country's most efficient food and technology labs to bring you more than just a tasty meat - a low fat, easy-to-eat meat! Its been scientifically proven by a long list of established experts to drastically improve weight-loss immediately. Here I have three statements and conclusions from Dr. ...read more.


"Advantage number 2 - Diet Doner has been scientifically proven to encourage weight-loss!" "Advantage number 3 - 9 in 10 people claim that Diet Doner meat is much tastier than even the best normal doner meat!" "Advantage number 4 - Diet Doner costs up to 40% less than ordinary lamb doner meat!" "And what are the disadvantages? There are none! Diet Doner IS the perfect substitute for the fatty, greasy lamb doner meat that fills the gut of each kebab fan every Saturday night! It can be distributed anywhere at anytime, so why not give us a call or send us an e-mail when you've realised that you need this product to succeed in the kebabish industry?!" Sheets are handed out with price lists and a phone number on it. "We can guarantee that your business will grow with the addition of Diet Doner meat, or you get quadruple your money back! Just go away and think about your future as a kebabish - then think Diet Doner!" ...read more.

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