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Environmental issues in textiles.

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  • Essay length: 1468 words
  • Submitted: 01/03/2004
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GCSE Textiles

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Environmental issues in textiles

Environmental effects of the textile industry:-

* Processes used to produce a design can affect the environment but it is possible to assess how environmentally friendly a product is by carrying out a "cradle to the grave" analysis.

* It isn't possible to extract raw materials without causing some danger to the environment.

* Fabrics made from natural sources are biodegradable so waste disposal is not a problem and this causes little damage (if any) to the environment.

* Synthetic fibres (made from coal or oil) are non renewable and the extraction causes significant environmental damage. They are not biodegradable.

* Raw materials have to be transported to mills to be manufactured into yarns, fabrics etc. they are carried by road, rail, or ship. These methods of transport use fuel and the exhaust fumes emitted add to global pollution.

* At the mills the production of textile items requires energy and many use toxic chemicals. If the waste products (e.g. chemical effluents) are discharged straight into the atmosphere. They may be contributing to global warming.

* Textile products that are produced to lost a long time e.g.

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