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Essay on a Specific Application for an Organic Compound - Kevlar

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Chemistry 11 Learning Guide 19 Essay on a Specific Application for an Organic Compound We inhabit a universe that contains billions of billions of organic compounds, each one having the capability to serve humanity in a unique way. Some of these organic compounds are even referred to as life saving. These compounds have a special place in modern society. Among them are compounds that allow for better medical techniques, safer laboratory conditions for scientists, inflatable life rafts for one-time passengers on an ill-fated ship, and something that covers almost every man and woman put in harm's way in the line of duty. This compound, known as Kevlar (a trademark of DuPont, Incorporated) has the power to stop a bullet-something few other wearable materials can compare to. ...read more.


Figure 2: These hydrogen bonds form between the polar amide groups on adjacent chains. Any peace officer, in any line of duty, deployed anywhere in the world, has a friend whose life has been saved by Kevlar, or, even more dramatically, has had their own life spared because of this polymer. Because of its low-density honeycombed core, Kevlar is extremely puncture proof. This means that while a vest made out of this compound will stop a bullet, a pair of gloves made out of it will prevent the user from being pricked by a needle of dubious origins. Kevlar is included in the design of most of the protective gear employed by the 1st world's armies. All troop helmets have an inner lining of the material, followed by an outer lining of steel. ...read more.


By employing Kevlar in a mixture with nytril, PVC, rubber, or other coatings, the chemical resistance, cut resistance and toughness of the gloves are elevated even more. As you have discovered, many components contribute to the strength of Kevlar. These include the fact that Kevlar is a polymer containing aromatic and amide molecular groups. When the molten Kevlar is spun into fibers, the polymers have a crystalline arrangement, with the polymer chains oriented parallel to the fiber's axis. The amide groups are able to form hydrogen bonds between the polymer chains, which act like glue holding the separate polymer chains together. There is no end in sight to the list of possible applications for this materiel. Any substance that can stop bullets and cars and start new space programs to carry us to the stars and beyond in a period of three decades deserves accolades and attention. ...read more.

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