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Evaluating Existing Products

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Evaluating Existing Products I conducted a physical disassembly of some options to help me find out more about what cakes are made from, their calories, design, size, uses and presentation for sale. The process was useful to me as it made me think about: - sizes - ingredients - consumers - how I might package a product - realistic costs - finishes Evaluation of research I could have done more research, but I ...read more.


It is the biggest challenge - cakes are not healthy, can only be made healthier. The most useful research was: - internet - books - email Manufacturing Flow Chart For Light Orange Cake Safety Checks Method Quality Checks Storage conditions/temperature Ingredients delivered/stored Source ingredient checked Clean scales Clean equipment Use of electronic scales Base ingredients prepared and cake put to bake Mixing time and temperature controlled Prepare of filling/topping Oven baked Check consistency/weights Fill ...read more.


HACCP Plan Stage Hazard Method of Control Delivery of ingredients Unclean van Weigh ingredients Cross contamination Check regularly scales work Preheat oven at correct temperature Oven at incorrect temp - product undercooked or burnt Temperature continuously monitored using CAM Make cake Cross contamination Ensure surfaces are clean Bake 180'C Prepare filling Cross contamination Ensure surfaces are clean Construct pizzas Incorrect amounts used Ensure surfaces are clean Cool Cross contamination and possible bacteria growth Time/temperature control Fill Cross contamination, rise in temperature Control temperature Store in chillier at 4'c Bacteria growth Regularly check temperature ...read more.

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