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Evaluation for cake bases

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Evaluation In this project my aim was to produce a gift cake that could be mass produced and sold in a supermarket, in order to do this I had to research novelty cakes that are currently been sold in supermarkets. From the research I found that the target audience were usually children and occasionally adults. The most commonly used cake base was Madeira sponge, and buttercream and jam where used as an adhesive. I also found that the cake shapes were usually simple shapes e.g. circular, square, and rectangular. The novelty cakes were mainly covered and decorated in fondant icing. Serving size for the gift cakes were normally 12 servings. The information I collected helped me to produce my gift cake because it gave me a guideline and indication of what my gift cake should be similar to. In class we then researched different cake bases, so we could find the best to fit our needs, in the test the Madeira sponge best fit our requirements because it was the strongest base out of the ones we tested, it also had the longest shelf life. ...read more.


Overall I think my design was successful due to the research and testing I carried out. Throughout the practical lesson I was extremely organised because I knew exactly what to do, I had planned everything accurately, the correct equipment, instructions on what to do in which order and how long it should take to do. The new skills I learnt were how to use the creaming method for a cake base, which is very useful. The covering of the cake was complicated, but I was careful and made sure no crumbs got on the fondant icing, I used the palm of my hands and lifting the icing and smoothing it down to get a clean, smooth finish. For the decoration on my gift cake I used my hands to roll and flatten objects, I also used a special cutter to cut out Christmas trees to stick around the edge of my cake. ...read more.


The quality of my planning and research was quite good; however I would have liked to have spent more time on it to achieve a better grade. In the future I think I need to improve on my annotation skills and understand fully what the task in hand is. I have learnt a lot about gift cakes throughout this project, especially about different cake bases. In conclusion, my main aims for this project were to produce a Christmas gift cake targeted at children; I also aimed to complete my paper work to the highest standard possible. I feel I did not meet my aim to complete my work to my highest standard this was because sometimes I didn't have enough time to complete the work to the standard I would have liked because of having work to complete from other subjects, so I had to rush my work a bit in order to complete all my work. However my organisation skills are very good, and I put a lot of effort into this project. I believe I have met my design brief, and my cake certainly did. ...read more.

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