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Evaluation for textiles

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Product evaluation Overall I feel that my Product turned out very well. I am very pleased with how it looks and the decoration on my garment. My final design and garment do look the same however do have some differences this is due to small issues within the making of my garment. I predicted that my garment would take 20 Hours however it took 21 hours this is because. It took me longer than I expected to Cut out my pattern pieces and cut out my fabric. Looking at my garment I can say that the seams I used was the right seams for my garment as they have helped to make my garment look as good as it does. I feel that the fabric I have used is good as it pink and summery. Also the fabric I used is cotton blend and gingham there fore the fabric is light weight which fits in with one of my specification points. My garment fits in well with my design brief and specification points as it meets most of them.


Also I feel another strength was the attaching the bodice to the skirt and gathering the skirt as I feel this turn out very well. I feel a weakness of my dress is the hem as I was limited on time and therefore rushed. I feel that my hem could have turn out better if I would have been able to keep to my time limit also I feel that the slip stitching of my zip was one of my weak points I feel that this could be because I have never done slip stitching before. Manufacturing evaluation When making my dress I used an economic pattern lay this was to reduce fabric waste. I did not waste any fabric as I bought the right amounts; I used an economic pattern lay and any scrap/ left over pieces of fabric I used for my construction techniques and my surface techniques. I had to adapt and change my pattern lay as there was not a lining included in my pattern and one of my specification points are that my product must be hard wearing as it is for a four year old child.


My product analyses, product disassembly, mood board, and question air helped me with the making and designing of my final design, I used the product disassembly to help me see how a similar dress was put together this helped me a lot with the making of my dress as I had a better understanding of how my garment was going to be put together. I feel that the fabrics and threads used on my garments were suitable as they fit in with the specification. The embroidery thread I used fitted in with my garment as it was pink but a pink that stands out. If I was to make the same dress again I wouldn't change the fabric or thread as I feel that it all linked in well together and all fitted in well with my specification. If I was to re design my dress I would change the skirt so that it could be taken off and the lining left on if my client got to hot or uncomfortable. I would also change the puff sleeves to vest sleeves as I feel this would be better for a summer dress.

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