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Evaluation I created jewelry rings with two different methods stamping and etching.

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Evaluation I created jewelry rings with two different methods -stamping and etching. Investigation: For my DT investigation on jewelry, I think that I completed both tasks fully. In task 1, I used several different sources, including books and websites. Many of the designs I chose were under the categories that I picked. I think that I did very well on this task. In task 2, I chose Egyptian jewelry. It was fairly easy to search the information and I answered all the questions. However, if I were to do this again, I would elaborate more on the Egyptian symbols (task 2). Also, I would add in more pictures, which will help the reader to understand even better. Design: Stamped Ring: The design of my stamped ring was not designed and I thought of it on the spot. It was stamped with rectangles along the top edge, triangles along the bottom edge and a circle in between every other triangle. I chose the particular shapes because it made a scenery view. The rectangles are the clouds, the triangles are the mountains and the circles are the suns. The sun is in the middle because it is like sunrise or sunset. I really liked this design because it looked avant-garde and ancient in ways. ...read more.


Also, every other Russian doll was inverted. Create: Stamped Ring: I really liked my stamped ring because it looked like it was a piece of antique. My favorite parts of my ring are the design and the surface. I think that the design is creative, simple and attractive. However, because I stamped so close to the edge, it created a very uneven texture. It was similar to burrs but Mr. Harris said that I couldn't do anything about it. As for the surface, it was not completely polished but it gave the ring a very ancient feeling and texture. To improve, I could have stamped it a bit further away from the edge. Therefore, I would not have uneven edges. Also, I could have made the ring much rounder. Etched Ring: I am very pleased with my etched ring, as it is unique and well presented. From looking at my ring, I liked the joint and design the most. After many practices with the solder, I was finally able to master the technique and I am glad that I was able to show it with my final ring. After my Easter trip, I already knew that I wanted to use Russian dolls for my final ring's design. ...read more.


You do not have any excess solder and all the burrs are removed. The polishing is fairly nice but it can be polished more. Yes. I would buy your ring because it is rare to see a ring with Russian dolls on it. We think that you should use the sulphur to make the design more outstanding. Also, you could polish it even better. I asked three of my classmates to comment and give their feedback on my final product. They gave very detailed and reasonable responses. All three of them said that I could improve in making my design clearer and make it stand out better. Oscar said that my design is very innovative and it "reflects the culture of Russia". I agree with Mayan's point that my joint was "soldered very neatly" But I don't agree with her point that I should use sulphur to make my design clearer. This is because I tried it and sulphur does not react with brass well. If I could do everything again, I would probably have created a different plan. I would still keep a similar investigation but I would find more information and make it more exhaustive. Also, I would have used a different type of metal (silver or copper) to make my ring. In general, I think I did a relatively well job with my DT project, but if I had more time, I would definitely try to improve. ...read more.

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