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Fast and convenience food Vs Healthy and organic food

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Fast and convenience food Vs Healthy and organic food Is Convenience and fast food an easy and helpful alternative to organic and health food? I say yes. In the modern world where people are constantly worrying about their diet, are we getting a nutritional balance or just eating too much? Nowadays fast food restaurants are making an effort to bring healthy food to you. For instance, McDonalds has just introduced a breakfast menu with fruit toast, porridge, juice, coffee and muffins. They also have a salad menu. Their list of ingredients was definitely nothing to be ashamed of. Other fast food restaurants have made a similar effort. Wimpy, Burger King, KFC, Pizza Hut and Dominos are just a few who are changing their menus to the healthier alternative. ...read more.


Floods, droughts and pest infestations can ruin the entire crop. Conventional farmers can artificially extend the natural seasonality of their fruits and vegetables, so that you get oranges in summer and avocado pears all year round. * If imported may have been sprayed with chemicals to keep it fresh, so it is actually not as organic as it claims on the packet. * Some farmers claim that their chickens are organic and free range, but if they are free range how can you be sure that they are only eating organic food. So maybe I'm right in saying that organic food actually isn't worth all the fuss and we should just stick to other methods of farming which use chemicals and are a lot easier if not quite so profitable. ...read more.


Which is ideal if you are elderly, disabled or have of young children. They often sell ready meals that are useful because they have been pre-prepared you can just stick them in the microwave or oven and most only take seconds to heat up and you can freeze them and eat them to weeks after you bought them. There are the smaller brands of fast food. Takeaways like Fish and Chips, Chinese, Indian, and Pizzas and so on are help for people who don't have the time to cook for them selves. These places are local and so you don't need to drive to get them and are not polluting the environment with car fumes. From the research that I have done I think that I can say; that yes fast and convenience food is an easy and helpful alternative to organic and health food as well as being cheaper. ...read more.

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