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Final Chosen Food Product

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Ingredients Quantity/ weight approx Price of ingredients Reasons for choice Flour 450g �1.00 To make the bread. Sugar 25g �0.25 To make the bread sweeter and to make the yeast multiply. Yeast 25g �0.75 To make the bread rise. Mozzarella Cheese 200g �1.50 To cover the fillings so that they don't burn and to add an extra different texture. Tomato Puree 150g �1.00 To make the bread less dry and to hold the fillings in place. Green Pepper 1 �0.50 To add a different colour and flavour. Yellow Pepper 1 �0.50 To add a different colour and flavour. Red Pepper 1 �0.50 To add a different colour and flavour. Onion 1/2 �0.09 To add a different flavour and texture. ...read more.


The fact that all of the fillings will be kept inside a layer of bread which will completely surround the toppings, means that it is less likely for children aged 4-9, my chosen user group, to spill and make a mess. Equipment Reason for Choice Baking Tray To cook the Pizza Swirls on Rolling Pin To roll the dough for the Pizza Swirls Greaseproof Paper To make it easier to roll the pizza (like a swiss roll) once it has been part-baked and had the fillings had been added. Knife To cut the peppers and onion ready to put onto the bread. Chopping Board To cut the peppers and onion on. Palette Knife To spread the tomato puree onto the bread. ...read more.


The dough should be partly baked. Take out the part-baked dough and put on the tomato puree, peppers, and meatballs and top it with mozzarella cheese. Roll the pizza like a swiss roll, ensuring that all of the ingredients stay inside the dough. Pinch closed the ends of the pizza swirl to ensure that none of the filling falls out. Re-bake the pizza until brown and fully cooked. Because of how my product is made, it can be produced in bulk using batch production. A conveyer belt could take each of the ingredients, wash them (where necessary), chop them and put them onto the pizza. The hardest part for the machine to do would be to roll the pizza like a swiss roll. However, the machine that is used to roll swiss rolls could also be used to roll my pizza swirls. Karne Gardiner ...read more.

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