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HACCP safety Method HACCP quality Remove all bacteria and potential dangers. Wash hands, take off jewellery, tie hair back, clean surfaces, and put on apron. Remove all bacteria Take filo pastry out of packet, and lie flat in a dampened cloth. Be sure the pastry does not dry out. Be cautious whilst using knife, and when grating cheese. Finely chop all vegetables and crush garlic. ...read more.


Beat the egg and milk together. Be sure all veg are cut to a similar size of 1cm x 1cm for appetising look. Be sure all cheese is grated with no lumps and egg is beaten fully. Be cautious when using knife. Cut pastry into a number of small squares, approx 10cm x 10cm, three sheets of filo in thickness. ...read more.


Line each quiche with a 15g of filling, top with 10g of cheese, and then add approx 20ml of egg and milk mixture. Be sure liquid does not overflow because it will burn, and the quantities of each ingredient are accurate so that the products produced are of the same quality. Use oven gloves. Bake quiches in the oven for a total of 20 mins on 190�C. Be sure they do not burn. ...read more.

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