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Food Technology Cauliflour Cheese Recipe

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This meal contains three parts, which include white cheese sauce, cheese and cauliflower. Its is quite a simple meal and ready-made only requiring heating. Cauliflower: Cauliflower was made by washing, cutting and boiling Before adding the cheese and cheese sauce to it. My prediction is that The boiling time would be about 15 minutes. White Cheese sauce: White Cheese Sauce is made by melting cheese and then putting on low heat. After that adding small amounts of flour and stirring vigorously so the mixture does not go lumpy. Finally the milk needed to be added, put on medium heat and stirred until the mixture turns thick. ...read more.


Taste: The cauliflower was slightly raw which means the boiling time it was kept for was not correct. The cheese sauce was too thin whereas I feel it should be thick to give a good appearance as well as taste. But overall the cheese and cheese sauce tasted fine. Texture: The sauce wasn't soft and smooth it was too thin and runny and Cauliflower was hard from the inside. Appearance: The cauliflower made the meal look lumpy and I think that the cheese layer on top should have been golden brown and not the same colour as the cauliflower and cheese sauce. ...read more.


Microwave- 1. Remove packaging and pierce the plastic seal with a knife or fork a few times. 2. Place container on the microwave plate for 5-6 minutes. 3. Remove foil, stir, recover. Microwave for a further 2 minutes. 4. Leave for 1 minute and stir well before serving Nutritional Information Per pack Per 100 grams Energy Protein Carbohydrates- Of which Sugars Of which Starch Of which Fat- Of which saturates Mono- saturates 1199kj 288k cal 16.1g 12.4g 6.9g 19.3g 12.9g 4.9g 416kj 100k cal 5.6g 4.3g 2.4g 6.7g 4.5g 1.7g Polyunsaturated 0.6g 0.2g Fibre 3.2g 1.1g Sodium 0.6g 0.2g Storage Intructions Best Before Date Until Food Freezer (18C) 1 month at 12C Star marked Frozen food compartment 1 week at 6C Icemaking compartment 3 days at 16C Refrigerator 24 hours at 5C ...read more.

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