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Food Technology - Diet over 5-day period.

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FOOD TECHNOLOGY ASSESSMENT TASK 1. REPORT Throughout last week from Monday the 3rd of March to Friday the 7th of March I recorded my eating diet for the 5-day period. On the spreadsheet that my diet is presented on I recorded everything I ate from breakfast through to dinner and everything before, after and in between those times. I found that for those 5 days nearly all of what I ate was the same every day except for my dinner. In accordance to the 5 Food groups I found that for every day, I consumed approximately 3-4 serves of fruit and vegetables, 2-3 serves of breads and cereals, 1 serve of either meat, fish or poultry, 500g of dairy foods and 1 T of fats and oils. ...read more.


When comparing my diet to the Healthy Diet pyramid, I think my diet shows that Fruit, vegetables, breads and cereals take up the biggest proportion of my diet and that I do eat dairy foods, meat fish and poultry in moderation, and also that I eat sugars and butters in small amounts. In accordance to the Australian Dietary Guidelines I think my diet follows the majority of the requirements; - I enjoy a wide spread variety of nutritious foods, although it doesn't really show it on the spreadsheet I wouldn't usually eat the same things every day if I didn't have school. - I eat plenty of breads, cereals, fruits and vegetables. - I eat a diet low in fat - I Maintain a healthy body weight balancing exercise and food intake - I ...read more.


It is also very important to follow a healthy diet, as it is a preventative for diseases of affluence. An example of these diseases of affluence are, Hypertension: a result of a high salt intake, Obesity can lead to Non dependent diabetes mellitus (type 2) both diseases are a result of a high fat and sugar diet with little or no physical activity. Athlerosclerosis: a result of eating to much fat and not exercising and also Amenhorrea: a result of to much exercise and not enough body fat. Following the basic food groups and guidelines can prevent all these diseases and you are guarantied to feel great, look great and have a healthy body for life. By Lynsey Bramley! ...read more.

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