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food test

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Task title: Nutrition and health (Unit 5) Planning The healthy snack will include carrots, cucumber, tomatoes and cheese with brown bread. These will be liquidized separately, except for the cheese and cucumber which will be liquidized together, into a paste. The idea is to make healthy food seem fun so the three year-old child will 'paint' the food onto the bread. There is protein in the cheese and the foods will have vitamins a, b and c and they will also have calcium, sodium and iron. ...read more.


Iron forms part of the hemoglobin in the blood. Websites I used for my work were: http://www.storknet.com/cubbies/parenting/childnutrition1-3.htm http://www.keepkidshealthy.com/toddler/toddlernutrition.html http://ohioline.osu.edu/mob-fact/0008.html http://www.health.gov.sk.ca/rr_nutrition_complete_pic.html Books I used for my work were: Safety, nutrition and health in child care center By Catherine Robertson Published by Delmar, 2001 Health, safety, and nutrition for the young child By Lynn Marotz Published by Delmar, 2004 Child of our time By Tessa Livingstone Published by bbc books, 2005 The selection of food took approximately half an hour and the preparation took about one hour. ...read more.


Execution I sat down with Caitlyn and explained to her what to do with the food. Outcome The foods were colourful and Caitlyn really enjoyed 'painting' the foods onto the bread. She also enjoyed eating the snack as shown in the photographs. Evaluation The whole exercise was very successful. The activity was fun and the food met the nutritional guidelines outlined in unit 5. Three of the foods in the 'eat most' category and the cheese are in the 'eat moderately' category. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 of 9 ...read more.

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