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functions of ingredients vegeterian

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Functions of Ingredients Vegetarian groups Will not eat Will eat Lacto vegetarian Meat, fish, poultry, eggs Milk of milk products Lacto-ova Mean, fish, poultry Milk or milk products, egg Vegan Any animal protein Plant based protein products Soya beans * The soya bean is a legume vegetable - a pod-bearing plant from the same plant family as peas and beans. * Soya beans have a high protein content, low starch, and also contain micro nutrients. * Soya bans are used to make many food products such as textured vegetable protein (TVP), soya flour, soya milk, bean curd tofu and soya source. Soya textured vegetable protein (TVP) ...read more.


and frozen in chunks or mince * Unsuitable for vegans because contains egg whites Sauces Plain flour/ Corn flour * Thickens the sauce (gelatinisation) * Provides carbohydrates (CHO) Fats-butter / margarine * adds flavour * adds colour * gives glossy appearance * fat soluble vitamins (A and D) (Wouldn't be suitable for vegans as contains milk) Liquid-water/milk/stock Milk: * Adds creamy taste and texture * Adds calcium and protein * Whole and semi-skimmed milk add fat and fat soluble vitamins * Main bulk of sauce (Couldn't be used in case of vegan diet as it is an animal product) Water/stock: * Main bulk of sauce * Stock adds flavour (Animal stock couldn't be used as it is made from the animal but vegetable stock could be used as a means to thicken the sauce) ...read more.


All-in-one sauce: * A starch, fat and liquid are whisked together over a heat to make a sauce. This is easy to make but can have a floury after taste. (Only suitable for lacto-ova vegetarians as fat e.g. butter, contains milk and not suitable for any vegetarians if the fat is animal fats) Roux method: * This is a method most chiefs use. The fat is melted, and then the flour is added to make a roux. The mixture is gently cooked for a few minutes before the liquid is gradually added. This method is fairly skilled and - it is easy to get a lumpy mixture if the liquid is added too fast. (Only suitable for lacto-ova vegetarians as fat e.g. butter, contains milk and not suitable for any vegetarians if the fat is animal fats) ...read more.

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