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Biology Essay Changing food habits and its effect on our health This modern world is filled with people who indulge in many activities that keep them busy every single second in the 24 hours of the day, thus they don't get to cook their own food to feed themselves. Their only choice ... fast foods and ready to eat foods. But are they doing the right thing?? By eating those types of foods, is it good or is it bad. Will they regret eating those foods? Is the ultimate questions, and the answer that lye behind will be uncoverd in this essay. Will eating these foods cause long term effects on their bodies, what can they do then?? Now a days people who go to work usually don't worry about their food because they have their source every mile they move on the main streets of the country. Taking an example in Indonesia there at least 10 junctions of fast food restaurants in every region. This makes the people to eat more from the restaurants and less of their traditional food. Not only this, it is also the delivery services that a few restaurants offer to any one this makes it even worse, with just a call on the telephone the food is ready right in front of you. ...read more.


Many fast food restaurants have published the nutrient content of their foods. These are often available on request. You can plan a convenient yet healthful diet with this information. Make better choices when eating at fast food restaurants. In general eat at places that offer a variety of salads, soups, and vegetables. Choose smaller-sized servings. Consider splitting some fast food items to reduce the amount of calories and fat. Ask for a "doggy bag." or simply leave the excess on your plate. To help supplement and balance the fast food meal, make nutritious options such as fresh fruits, vegetables, and yogurt available as snacks. When chosen carefully and not used in excess, fast foods can offer reasonably good quality nutrition. By being aware of what and how much you eat, and paying attention to how it affects your health, you can set a good example for your children. As always, variety and moderation are the key principles in providing a healthy diet for children as well as adults. (This information that was taken from http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/002462.htm really clears doubts in me and to the reason why scientists say so that these foods could cause problems.) ...read more.


allowing any blood to flow in and out, when this happen the person fell some pain in the heart this is when he or she has been attacked by a heart attack. This only occurs when fast food restaurants are met with a lot of times heart attacks can occur only in a long term effect. The Issues Ethical- once upon a time KFC which had just opened in India was banned for a long time as reason that they used beef fat to fry French fries, this was against the Hindu law of the cow and the bull, they are considered as gods. Social- People in the olden days did not want to travel long distances as they were afraid of what could they eat, as there wouldn't be any body to cook for them but now a days fast foods have taken away all the fear, people now travel all around the world with the confidence that fast foods are there for them at any place. Moral- in the olden days children did not know the different foods of different countries but in this modern world children know all cultures through the food that they eat, this causes multiculturalism and peace in the world! ...read more.

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