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GCSE Technology - Product Design and Research Booklet Guide

  • Essay length: 2195 words
  • Submitted: 13/08/2007
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GCSE Resistant Materials

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The College has recently had a new astro-turf sports pitch built. Sports are played daily at the school and matches take place regularly on the astro-turf. Many parents and pupils watch their friends and family play in the matches, so there is a good number of people spectating. Some of the soil dug while building the pitch has been piled in a mound by the side of the pitch; this is an ideal location for viewing matches as it offers a good elevated view of the pitch. There is also space around the pitch for seating that provides a good close up view of the pitch. There is also flood lighting around the pitch so that matches can be played in the evenings as well.


Unfortunately there is no seating currently available in the surrounding area, so all spectators have to stand or sit on the grass. If it is raining, or has rained the previous night, the grass may be wet, so people will not be able to sit on the grass. Also, people with back trouble may not be able to stand and therefore will need somewhere to sit. The slope means that

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