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GCSE Technology - Product Design and Research Booklet Guide

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Situation The College has recently had a new astro-turf sports pitch built. Sports are played daily at the school and matches take place regularly on the astro-turf. Many parents and pupils watch their friends and family play in the matches, so there is a good number of people spectating. Some of the soil dug while building the pitch has been piled in a mound by the side of the pitch; this is an ideal location for viewing matches as it offers a good elevated view of the pitch. There is also space around the pitch for seating that provides a good close up view of the pitch. There is also flood lighting around the pitch so that matches can be played in the evenings as well. Problem Unfortunately there is no seating currently available in the surrounding area, so all spectators have to stand or sit on the grass. If it is raining, or has rained the previous night, the grass may be wet, so people will not be able to sit on the grass. Also, people with back trouble may not be able to stand and therefore will need somewhere to sit. ...read more.


Bench One - This is a simple concrete and wooden bench that is able to seat around four people. Bench two - This was a simple wood and metal bench that is able to seat about two to three people. Anthropometric Data Dimension s Man (Percentiles) Women (Percentiles) 5% 95% 5% 95% 1- Height 1625 1855 1505 1710 2-Eye 1515 1745 1405 1610 3-Shoulder Height 1315 1535 1215 1405 4-Elbow Height 1005 1180 930 1085 5-Hip Height 840 1000 740 885 6-Knuckle Height 690 825 660 780 7-Fingertip Height 590 720 560 685 8-Sitting Height 850 965 795 910 9-Sitting Eye Height 735 845 685 795 10-Sitting Shoulder 540 645 505 610 11-Sitting Elbow Height 195 295 185 280 12-Thigh Thickness 135 185 125 180 13-Buttock-Knee Length 540 645 520 620 14-Buttock-popliteal length 440 550 435 530 15-Knee Height 490 595 455 540 16-Popliteal Height 395 490 355 445 17-Shoulder Breadth 420 510 355 435 18-Shoulder Breadth 365 430 325 385 19-Hip Breadth 310 405 310 435 20-Chest Depth 215 285 210 295 21-Abdominal Depth 220 325 205 305 22-Shoulder-Elbow Length 330 395 300 360 23-Elbow Fingertip Length 440 510 400 460 24-Upper Limb Length 720 840 655 760 25-Shoulder Grip Length 610 715 555 650 ...read more.


From the anthropometric data I gathered, using 5 and 95 percentile, I found: * The average buttock-popliteal length is between 435mm and 550mm. * The average popliteal height is between 355mm and 490mm. * The average sitting height is between 795mm and 965mm. * The average sitting elbow height is between 185mm and 295mm. Specification A list of the final criteria that the bench must meet: Function * It should be able to seat at least two people. * It must go around the astro pitch area. * It must provide comfortable seating. Appearance * It should be made from either wood or metal. * It should have armrests and a backrest. * It should be a themed design. * It should be varnished or painted. * It should fit in with its surroundings. Safety * It must not have sharp edges. * It should be a smooth finish. For example wood should be sanded to reduce the risk of splinters. Reliability * It must be durable and weatherproof. * It must be of a strong construction. Any Other * It must be about 1050mm high. * It should have a seat depth of about 410mm. * It must be able to go on uneven ground. * It must be environmentally friendly. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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